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Sunday, 18 January 2009

FemDom and Brainwashing techniques.

In the Venusberg by John Collier, 1901, This is a German legend of Tannhäuser a knight and poet who found Venusberg, the subterranean home of Venus, and spent a year there worshiping the goddess.

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Recently reading a web site on Behaviorist Psychology the author attacked one of its main advocates B. F. Skinner in the following sentences. –

“In ‘Beyond Freedom and Dignity’, Skinner put forth the notion that Man had no indwelling personality, nor will, intention, self-determinism or personal responsibility, and that modern concepts of freedom and dignity have to fall away so Man could be intelligently controlled to behave as he should. Despite the fact of the degree of implied human degradation involved, the question always remained just who would decide what Man should be, how he should act, and who would control the controllers?”

The claim by Behaviorist Psychologists that man doesn’t have any freewill and can be easily brainwashed to behave in anyway you wish, is highly controversial, and for obvious reasons is unacceptable to many people. Most people like to think they have freewill and are frightened of any suggestion that this might not be true. Now, I have to say from the start, I don’t believe everything Behaviourist Psychology claims, but the claim by them that man can be easily brainwashed, has been proven to be a fact. Throughout history, religions, cults and political parties have been using psychological techniques to brainwash their followers. As far back as 4,500 years ago the rulers of Ancient Egypt had successfully brainwashed their people into believing that the Pharaohs were gods. And to demonstrate their great power these ‘gods’ had had over their people, they made them build the great pyramids, as tombs for these Pharaohs, the biggest having 2.5 million limestone blocks of 2.5 tonnes. The time and effort to build such pyramids without any form of machinery is incredible and shows us how powerful the brainwashing techniques of the Ancient Egyptian rulers must have been. There are many well known psychological techniques that can be used by Femdom women to train men into becoming whatever they want, and this is what I want to discuss in this article.

Femdom is a paradox, although it is suppose to be about Female Domination it has been mostly men who have created this scene, through asking and even demanding that Women dominate them. Because it was created by men, many of its symbols and methods of domination are very masculine. For instance many dominas dress up in black leather, which is a very masculine form of dress, and used by macho bikers like the Hell’s Angels. Dominas are suppose to discipline submissive men with a whip or cane and even torture them. Violence is the way men gain power over other people it is certainly not the way Women do it. Women in the Femdom scene are totally dependant on men voluntarily bending over, or allowing themselves to be tied up to receive punishment. If a man refuses to do this, then there is little the Women can do about it, as very few Women would have the size and strength to overpower a man and force physical punishment on him in the same way that men have done to Women for centuries. So it means these men are not submissive to these Women because they fear physical punishment, they are obedient and submissive for other reasons.

We live in a world of male domination where men rule every government and country in our world. The result of this patriarchal world is that we live in a world of fierce competition, aggression and violence. In such a world Women generally feel powerless. This is because as Mao-Tse-tung (dictator of China between 1949-76) once claimed; “power comes through the barrel of a gun”.  Or Josef Stalin (Dictator of the USSR) or also pointed out,  "those who have the guns make the rules".  In other words, violence dominates our world where the boundaries between countries was sorted out in the past, and even today, through warfare. Where every country needs to have a standing army to defend themselves from attack, and there is always a war going on in some part of the world. In such a world, women are intimated by the violence of men. In the past it was ‘normal’ for men to beat their daughters and wives, (wifebeating)  and this is still true in most third world and Islamic countries. Even in our Western world many women are frightened to venture out at night-time on their own, and those who are brave enough to do so are condemned. As it is claimed that a Woman is “asking for it” if she is attacked or raped going home on her own in the early hours of the morning.

Violence has been the age old method for men to dominate Women for thousands of years. Up until the end of the 19th century and early 20th century it was ‘normal’ for a husband to beat his wife with a stick. And many husbands at that time were beating their wives to death and were not charged with murder. Even in the 20th century, when wife beating became illegal, the police still refused to intervene in ‘domestic disputes’ until forced to do so by feminists in the 1970s. In the past there were many men who didn’t want to dominate their wives through violence, and these men were made to feel ashamed of themselves because they were told they weren’t ‘real men’ if they couldn’t control their wives. The same system is still being used in Islamic countries, where it is claimed that a man is ‘dishonoured’ if his wife disobeys him. So ‘honour’ beatings and even ‘honour’ killings are commonplace in Islamic communities.

Yet force and violence is one of the least effective ways to influence people. Yes, through violence you can force a person to do or say whatever you want, but you cannot make them think, feel or believe the way you want them to do so, through violence. This is why all governments and religions use other, more effective ways to rule and control people.

Many “experts”, (who are mostly men) claim that male dominance is a fact of life, and men will always rule our world. Yet this is totally contradicted by the FemDom scene where men desperately want, and even demand, that Women dominate them. This, of course, is dismissed as an anomaly; after all, only very kinky people indulge in practises like this, as it is assumed that ‘normal’ people wouldn’t behave like this. Yet for the last few thousand years what has been considered ‘normal’ has been male domination. No one claims that the Islamic practises are kinky where we have genital mutilation against women where their clitoris are cut off, which makes sexual intercourse very painful for Women. And where women are routinely beaten by their husbands, who have the legal ‘right’ to rape their wives. Compared with this, the ‘perversions’ within the Femdom scene are very mild, indeed.

Yet, men are not as dominant as people are led to believe. For instance, the most efficient type of soldier in warfare is a man who is totally obedient, to the degree that if ordered to face near certain death charging at a machine gun post, he will obey without question. Men are very obedient to authority figures because in our hierarchical patriarchal societies only a small minority of men have real power, everyone else has to do as they are told. Without this unquestioning obedience by men to authority, civilization would break down completely. History has shown that men are easily brainwashed and indoctrinated to believe in whatever way those in authority want them to believe. For instance throughout history there have been many, very bad and despotic dictators who rule countries whom the people feared and hated, yet in spite of this, it has been very difficult for the people to organize themselves to overthrow these repressive dictators. The reason for this is that all these dictators have an army of young men who will obey them without question, and will kill and torture people, if ordered to do so. So it is this blind obedience to authority by men that makes it possible for despotic rulers to rule countries. Another case in point would be Islamic suicide bombers. These men have been indoctrinated to believe that if they die for the cause of Islam, after they die, they will live in a paradise, waited on by a hundred virgins, (both boys and girls). Because of this, many people in the West assume that these suicide bombers must be very stupid and ignorant, but in reality many are educated and intelligent people. So successfully has been this indoctrination, that even clever and well-informed people are brainwashed into wanting to be suicide bombers.

Some Women have noticed a great similarity between dogs and men. All dogs were once descended from wolves, a large and dangerous, carnivorous animal. When people first have a puppy they are encouraged to train it, but some people never do this or train it in incorrectly, and find they are living with a vicious and dangerous animal when it grows to full size. Every year there are reports of children being savagely mauled or even killed by the family’s pet dog. Unfortunately the dog is generally ‘put-down’ (killed), but it was either lack of training or incorrect training that caused this situation. The same is true of men, they are running amok in our world, starting wars, committing genocide, raping, beating up and killing women. With teenage boys fighting and killing each other or killing others or themselves by irresponsibly driving cars far too fast. This is because men on the whole are not trained or incorrectly trained by Women.

Now, this last statement will surprise many Women. Simply because they feel so powerless in our male dominated world, they cannot see how they can possibly train men and get them to do as they are told. Yet some Women can successfully do this, even outside the Femdom scene. Even when male dominance was ‘normal’ in our society, hundreds of years ago when a man wasn’t a ‘real’ man if he couldn’t dominate his wife, there have been reports of wives who were still successfully dominating their husbands.

Kamikaze pilot making suicide attack on US warship in WW2

Throughout history political and religious rulers have brainwashed men into doing whatever they want, including dying on a battle field or committing suicide as a Kamikaze pilot or suicide bomber. The techniques of doing this are not a secret, they are well known to cult leaders who likewise are able to indoctrinate their followers to go as far as to commit suicide as in the case of the Waco and Jonestown massacres. Some of these cults have become so successful at brainwashing people that they can even plant ‘false memories’ in their follower’s minds. It seems that if parents put pressure on their children in these cults, to get out of them, these cults can plant in the minds of these young people, memories of them being abused as young children by their parents.

If men can completely brainwash other men like this, why can’t Women do the same to men? After all it would be far better for men to be brainwashed by Women because Women will not be interested in indoctrinating them to die on battlefields, to commit mass suicide or blow themselves up as suicide bombers.

Women are far better equipped to indoctrinate men, than men are at indoctrinating other men or Women. This is because these methods need communication and social skills, which Women are far better at doing than men. Women have within their hands the power to rule the world if they want to do this, and Women have to decide whether they want our world ruled by selfish and aggressive and violent men, or by Women who are have a powerful maternal and nurturing instinct. But to do this, we have to look at the way the human mind works.

The human bio-computer.

As mentioned before, most people like to believe that they have minds of their own and are free to think whatever they want. Then back in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries famous psychologists like, the Russian Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) and the Americans John B. Watson (1878 – 1958) and Burrhus F. Skinner (1904 – 1990) proved that this wasn’t the case. Watson once boasted that he could train a child to become whatever he wanted he wanted to be. To quote him:

“Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I'll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select – doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors.”

In the world of science there is a nature versus nurture debate where scientists are disagreeing whether people are more influenced by their genes or by the way they were brought up. Behaviourist psychology is very much in the nurture camp. Now nurture is what Women do best. Nature has given them the necessary social and communication skills to change the behaviour of men, to whatever they want them to be.

Watson established what is now called; The Psychological School of Behaviorism, but what these scientists discovered wasn’t new. Religions and politician institutions have been using these methods on people for thousands of years. It may surprise many people to learn it is not ‘natural’ for men to kill other people. Not only do the military have to train men to obey orders they also have to indoctrinate them to kill others. In the past they have done this by brutalising their troops and teach them to hate the enemy. In more modern time the brutalisation of soldiers has become unacceptable in many Western countries. The result was that in the Second World War the USA military discovered that most of their troops preferred to fire over the heads of their enemy, because they didn’t want the death of another human being on their consciences. So they called in B.F. Skinner and he showed them how to train troops to kill using behaviourist psychology. His methods have been very successful, but the trauma that troops now suffer in fighting wars is considerable, with high rates of suicide of soldiers who have seen action.

Behaviourist psychologists have always assumed that human beings and animals are the same, and have used animal training methods on humans. Animal training today has become very sophisticated in the ways of training animals. Using the same techniques a Woman can train her male partner to become anything she wants him to be. All these techniques are easy to understand if we realize how the human mind works.

Modern scientists are trying to explain how the human mind works by likening it to a sophisticated computer. The big difference between a computer and the human mind is that a computer is totally passive; it only does what the programmer tells it to do. Whereas the human mind is made up of two parts, these are what psychologists claim are the conscious and unconscious minds. The human mind is a self-programming computer, with the unconscious mind operating like a computer and doing exactly what it is told, while the conscious mind is the unconscious mind’s programmer. So in theory the conscious mind should be all-powerful, because the unconscious mind is totally obedient. But as we know there are many cases where a very good servant or slave can become the master by being too good at his or her job. There are many cases in history where rich and powerful people have become totally dependant on their servants, because the servants are so efficient at organizing everything for their masters that the masters no longer have to think for themselves and become lazy. So they become dominated by the way their servants have organized their lives. This unfortunately is true of most people. The unconscious mind does such a good job in looking after the conscious mind, that most people surrender control over to their unconscious mind, allowing the slave to become the master. Unfortunately if a person is not active in programming their unconscious minds, then there are many others who are more than happy to do this for them.

The Roman Catholic Jesuit priests once boasted, “give us a child for the first seven years and we have him for life”. In other words Roman Catholic priests are so good at indoctrinating children that it is very difficult for them to break away from this religion when they grow up. There are many intelligent and sensible Roman Catholic people who firmly believe that whatever the Pope says is ‘infallible’, or even think that the utterances of the Pope is the, “word of God”. Unfortunately this is also true of most religions, and political parties, who do their best to indoctrinate their followers.

In our modern age we find our TVs swamped by advertising. Now, most people like to think they are not influenced by adverts, but if you think that, then you are fooling yourself. Large multi-national companies do not spend billions of dollars on advertising, just for the fun of it, they do it because they know it works. For many companies their survival depends on the success of their advertising campaigns, A company’s products that no longer becomes fashionable or ‘cool’ can quickly become bankrupt. This is certainly true of well-known soft drink and burger multinational companies. If they fail to continue to be ‘cool’ to every new generation of teenagers, they would quickly go broke, and this is why advertising is so important for them. So how do religions, cults, political parties and advertising companies successfully program our minds? They do it through repetition.

When we start to learn a new skill like driving a car, we will at first consciously turn the steering wheel, consciously change the gears, and consciously put our foot on the accelerator and brake. Then after we have repeated these actions a number of times, we begin to do these actions automatically. This is how the conscious mind programs the unconscious mind, any action that the conscious mind repeats a number of times is learnt by the unconscious mind, and it begins to take over this action. This then allows a car driver to be free to drive down a road thinking about many other things, while their unconscious mind is driving the car. This then applies to all routine jobs we do. The unconscious mind takes over allowing the conscious mind to think about other things. It also applies to thoughts we think often, any thought that we repeatedly think, is also taken up by the unconscious mind and is fed back by it to the conscious mind. This is how we obtain habits of behaviour and thinking. So if the conscious mind doesn’t bother to question their habitual thinking, their lives can become dominated by the habitual unconscious mind. This is why we are all so vulnerable to advertisers. We look at TV and see the same adverts repeated time and time again; and because it is repeated so often, the unconscious mind learns the adverts by heart. So when we go out shopping our own unconscious mind repeats to us what it has learnt and we find ourselves buying the goods we have seen on TV without thinking. Religions, sects and political parties do exactly the same thing, repeating to their followers the same message over and over again, until it is learn by their unconscious mind, who then faithfully feeds it back to the conscious mind. What people call faith and belief are in reality, simply habitual thinking. If, let us say, we are repeatedly told something like, “the Bible, (or Koran) is the word of god, (or Allah),” the unconscious mind learns this, so whenever we think about the Bible or Koran the unconscious mind faithfully repeats to us, what we have been indoctrinated to think. Then because if we are no longer in charge of our unconscious mind, we find it hard to think of the Bible or Koran in any other way. We then assume that this habitual thought, is our belief or faith, because we are not questioning our habitual thinking.

This then shows us how important it is to take control over our unconscious mind and actively learn how to program it, instead of allowing other people to do it for us; and we do this by consciously repeating thoughts and ideas we want our unconscious mind to have. You can find out more about this by reading ‘positive thinking’ books. Most of them recommend affirmations, which is saying sentences that we repeat to ourselves over and over again; this will create for us the habitual thoughts and beliefs we want to have.


So the idea of feeding other people the same idea over and over again, or giving ourselves affirmations, is very much like nagging which is what Women do with men all the time. So nagging can be used as a very powerful tool to control men. Now, this will be a surprise to many Women who have nagged their male partners for years and found it totally ineffective. The reason is that nagging can only work if it is used in a positive way. Many Women point out to men all their mistakes and shortcomings when they nag, and the result is the opposite of what they want to achieve.

Nagging works exactly the same as advertising, if a Women keeps on repeating the same message to her partner over and over again, his unconscious mind learns it and he will begin to automatically respond to whatever the Women has programmed into his unconscious mind. Unfortunately, most nagging Women make the mistake of being negative about their partner. So if a Woman keeps on telling her partner he is lazy and never does anything around the house, she is unwittingly programming him to be lazy! If she tells him all the time; he is not romantic and never buys her flowers and always forgets her birthday, she will again have programmed him never to be romantic and to forget her birthdays! The worst thing a Woman can do is to continually tell a man that he doesn’t love her any more, because then he will be programmed into believing this.

So although nagging is a very powerful tool for any Women in gaining control over her male partner, she has to know what she is doing, and use it correctly. Which means to use it successfully Women have to learn how to praise men. Now, this is a method Women have been using for centuries, Women in strongly patriarchal societies have found they can get what they want from men, by praising them and pandering to their egos. For this reason many Dominant Women do feel it is beneath them to use such methods, because they see it as the tactics of submissive Women. But positive nagging is more than just stoking up a man’s ego, it is a method of programming his unconscious mind to become whatever she wants him to be. Many Women today are rediscovering these techniques and they are being discussed in Women’s magazines but instead of calling it nagging it is called, “the broken record technique”. (For young people who never use a vinyl record, if a vinyl record is damaged it may block a groove causing the record to play the same small piece of music over and over again.)

Bruno Schulz 1890

If a Dominant Woman is living with a man who is not always obedient, if she makes an issue about every time he is disobedient, she is programming him to be even more disobedient. It is far more effective if the Dominant Women, instead, points out to him every time he is obedient and keeps on telling him how wonderfully obedient he is to her, all the time. This will be learnt by his unconscious mind, which will faithfully remind him to be obedient every time she tells him to do something.

But nagging can be used not only to gain obedience; it can be used to change a male partner’s character. It is known by educationalists that the worse thing you can do to a child is continually to call him or her “stupid”, simply because you can program them to be that way. The same is true of adults, a wife who keeps on calling her husband stupid is likely to program him to be like this. Men are suppose to be good at doing D.I.Y. jobs about the house, but this is not true of all men. So if you do have a male partner who is useless at doing D.I.Y. jobs then the worse thing you can do is tell him this, because it simply confirms what he believes. If a Dominant Women tells her slave to put up some shelving and he does a terrible job of doing it, she then has to be clever about what to say to him. The obvious question to ask is; “have you ever done anything like this before”. If that is the case then the Woman can explain that most people have problems the first time they do anything. The Woman then can tell him, “I know you can do a better job than that”, and tell him he needs to practise and learn how to do it, so get him to do the job again even if they have to buy new wood. If on the other hand he has done D.I.Y. jobs before you need to find out his experience of doing this sort of work. You may find out that perhaps he worked with his father as a child, who expected too much of him and told him how useless he was. So his father may have unwittingly programmed his son into believing he is totally useless at D.I.Y. jobs. This will mean that the Dominant Woman will have to spend some time in reprogramming her slave into becoming good at D.I.Y. She might have to start him off on very simple and basic jobs and give him praise for successfully doing them, and slowly build up his confidence and abilities.

It is true you can motivate some men by shouting at them and telling them how useless they are, and they will be strongly motivated to prove you wrong. But this is only true for some men and even with this type of men their confidence can be undermined in the long term, through being continually told how useless they are. They still need to be told how good they are, when they do a good job. The problem with this, is that when the slave has been told he is useless and he then proves her wrong by doing a good job, the Dominant Women then has to back down and acknowledge how well he has done.

For many Women all this is all very elementary, as Women have instinctively done this to men for thousands of years. The problem is that many Women don’t always program men or their children for their own benefit. Women themselves have been brainwashed to believe that it is ‘wrong’ for them to dominate men and that it is ‘natural’ for men to be the dominant sex. Also if she loves her husband and sons she feels she doesn’t want to programme them into becoming ‘wimps’, she wants them to be strong and macho so they can stand up for themselves in our brutal patriarchal society. It means that Women have the power and many Women even know how to use this power, but many have been successful brainwashed into not using it. The problem is that if Women don’t use their power to program men, then other men in positions of power will use these methods to exploit men. As previously pointed out, men can be programmed to die on a battle field or blow themselves up in a suicide attack. Obviously no Woman would be interested in programming any man to do this, but it demonstrates what can be achieved. So a Woman can program a man to be whatever she wants him to be if she knows what she is doing.

For instance a Dominant Woman can have a slave who smokes and wants him to give up smoking. Now, it might work through just her ordering him to give up, but if that doesn’t work, it will undermine her authority, so to make sure it does work, she should mentally prepare him beforehand. So she should tell him that she wants him to give up smoking and that she knows he has a very strong will and it will be easy for him. He might disagree with her that he is strong willed, but she should ignore this. Then for the next few months she should continue to talk about this, continually giving him positive suggestions on how easy it will be for him to give up smoking. Then, when she feels he is ready she should then order him directly to do this. If he fails, then she can claim that perhaps not all people are successful in giving up the first time and then continue the give him positive suggestions and try again at a later date. It is well known that to successfully break habits or addictions you do need the unconscious mind on your side. If there is a strong program in the unconscious mind working against any change, then you don’t stand a chance. The unconscious mind needs to be programmed in the right direction, before any attempt to break an addiction is made.

A Dominant Woman can use similar methods if say she notices that her slave is putting on weight and she wants him to go on a diet. Before she orders him to go on a diet she needs to sell it to him first. Telling him how wonderful the diet will be and it will be successful it will be in making him more healthy. What she must not do is go on about him being fat or overweight or even unhealthy. Most diets do work, but where most fail is that most people fail to keep the weight off. This is because there is so much negative propaganda in the diet industry about people being fat. The last thing anyone should be telling an overweight person is reminding them of how fat they are. Keep on telling a person they are fat or overweight and you will program their unconscious minds into believing this to be true, and they will stay fat. So even if they go on a diet and lose weight their unconscious mind is still programmed to believe they are fat, and because of this programming the person will go back to their old eating habits and put on weight again. So if you want your slave to stay slim you need to program his unconscious mind into accepting this. This means that once he has been on a diet and is now the weight you want him to be, you should continually tell him how slim he is, until his unconscious mind gets to learn this. His unconscious mind will then work to ensure he stays at the weight you want him to be. It is a good idea to also tell him how healthy he is as well, if you want him to live for a long time.

The method can be used to change the sexual performance of any man. Some Women have unwittingly made their men impotent by what they say to them. For some Women, if their men cannot get a hard erection when they have sex, they assume that he no longer finds them attractive. If she voices these fears she can put him under pressure to perform, he then may worry about it, that will create negative thoughts about his ability to get an erection and he can find it more and more difficult to do this. A Woman can do the same thing through unfortunate jokes. Sometimes a man might have problem getting erect and she makes joke about it saying he is a marshmallow. He gets upset about it and again unwittingly thinks negatively about his abilities, which programs his unconscious mind to have problems in having an erection.

Some Women like it when their man becomes erect when they see them in the nude. And this does happen when two people start making love for the first time. Then over time the passion cools and the man no longer gets an erection so easy. But the woman can keep this going, if when they first start making love, comment on it every time, he gets an erection seeing her naked. The more she says this, the more she can program his unconscious mind to react automatically to her nudity. Certainly the more a Women makes comments to her man about how hard he is, the less likely he will have problems of impotence later in life.

Some Women when having penetrative sex don’t like it if the man becomes soft or ejaculates before she orgasms. And if she makes a fuss of this, the more likely she will undermine his confidence and the more likely he will become softer even sooner. Yet in ancient times women found a solution to this problem. In Eastern religions there are two ancient religions called Taoism in China and Tantra in India. Both religions worship a Goddess and both were once Matriarchal religions. In both religions they have the concept of men training themselves to never ejaculate while having sex with Women. The explanation given is that men lose “spiritual energy” if they ejaculate, which is probably something they made up to allow this practice to continue in a patriarchal age. This practice gives Women a big advantage, it certainly is a cure for men ejaculating too soon and by denying him orgasm, it has the effect of keeping him, “on the boil” all the time. So he will always be ready for sex whenever the Woman wants it and the effect will be that he will learn to maintain an erection for a far longer period.

Men learn to do this through masturbation, by continually bringing themselves up to the point of orgasm but always stopping before the orgasm happens. Some men use the squeeze technique where they squeeze the base of the penis very hard to prevent the sperm coming out. But this is impracticable when having sex with a Woman, it is more about the man learning to consciously change his focus of attention. Some men learn by using pornography, he looks at the porn to bring up his excitement, but when he is too excited and in danger of spurting, he looks away and thinks of something else. If the Women wants to get involved, she can supervise his training but she has to be very observant and have a knowledge of men’s sexuality. Women can do this by teasing him, doing things to him to build up his excitement and stopping before he might ejaculate. So her teasing teaches him how to stay erect without spurting.

Taoism and Tantra disagree on one thing. In Taoism men are trained never to ejaculate for years, but in Tantra the sexual fluids of female lubrication, sperm and even urine and considered to be sacred. So men drink the sacred fluids of Women and Women drink the sacred fluids of men.

Some Dominant Women deny their men an orgasm through the use of male chastity devices you can buy in sex-shops. This again is effective in keeping the man on the boil, but is certain not a cure for men who ejaculate too quickly. Also there are many Women who like to see their men spurt, while some Dominant Women like to taste and swallow sperm, so these Women wouldn’t be interested in men who never ejaculate

Programming a man to obey orders

There are other methods that Women can cement her control over men. When men join the army, navy or air force they are taught to march on a parade ground. They will be trained to march up and down by a sergeant major, who will be shouting out orders to them all the time, like, “attention, “quick march, left, right, left right, squad turn right, squad turn left, squad halt, etc. The reason is that by continually having to obey orders, it will program the men’s unconscious mind to obey orders without question. This type of programming is so successful, that troop will automatically obey orders in battles, like being ordered to come out of trenches, knowing they will be mowed down by enemy machine gun fire. (See Recruit Training)

A Dominant Woman can use exactly the same technique. When a submissive man comes to a Dominant Woman wanting her to dominate him, she can make the mistake of thinking he will always be like this. The problem can be, that he might have two very different programs going on in his unconscious mind. On will be saying, “I desire to be submissive towards Woman”, another one could be telling his the exact opposite. It could be telling him, “I need to learn to be a real macho man so I need to learn to assert myself.” While he is in love and enthralled by the Woman the program that says, “I want to submit” with be in charge, but at a later date as the passion cools the other program that says, “I want to be a macho man” will start to come to the surface. So it would be best for the Dominant Woman to reinforce the programming within him that says, “I want to submit”, while he is enthralled by her. She can do it in exactly the same way as the military does. She doesn’t have to be a sergeant major but she can exercise her power over her submissive man by giving him every day pointless orders. For example, she can be to tell him to walk up the stairs, and then when he is up there tell him to walk down again, and meaningless orders of this nature. Subjected to pointless orders like this everyday, will program his unconscious mind to obey her without question. So if at a later date other programs within his mind such as, “I want to be a macho man”, comes to the surface which makes him defiant of her, she can easy gain control over him again by simply giving him orders, which he has to obey, as he has been programmed by her to do this.

A more extreme version of this sort of programming would be to treat a man like a dog. So a Dominant Woman would buy a dog-collar and lead and put it on her submissive partner, and get him to go on all fours. Then simply train him the same way a dog is trained, giving him orders like “heel”, “sit”, “beg” etc. Training a man using dog-training techniques has been discussed in the controversial BBC TV show, "Bring Your Husband to Heel", and in the book, “How To Train A Man”, by Nancy Winters.

Some Dominant Women enjoy dominating a man so much they like to demand him to do outrageous things, like ordering him to give her gay male friends a blow-job. To her it might be just a bit of fun but making her submissive man do extreme act like this, can have a powerful affect on him. In doing something like that, strongly confirms to him that he must be very submissive and that the Dominant Woman has great power over him. Helping to program him to be even more submissive. Though it has to be admitted that something like this can backfire if the man really didn’t want to do something like this. So it is a help if the Dominant Woman questions him about this first, suggesting to him what she would like him to do, and see how he reacts to this.

Many people within FemDom use rituals. Again these also can become very helpful in keeping a man submissive. Some submissive men talk about “subspace”, what this means, is that some submissive men are not submissive all the time. Sometimes they feel like an ‘ordinary’ person and other times they want to submit to a Women. It is the latter desire they call subspace. With such a man, rituals are very important for any Dominant Women living with him, because she has to know how to tune him into subspace quickly, whenever she wants him to be submissive. If a man kisses a Woman’s feet while she is standing or sitting when he is ordered to do so, it will be hard for him to think of this is as the action of a ordinary man, so this ritual would tune him into subspace. So rituals like this would have to be repeated often, so he is programmed to do it automatically, when ordered to so, and he will also be tuned into ‘subspace’ when he does them. How it works is that perhaps the Woman wants him to do something, but because he is in ‘normal’ consciousness he feels he has the right to refuse to do it or disagree with her. Simply by ordering him to kiss her feet will put him into a different frame of mind where he will obey without question.


Hypnosis has also been suggested by some people as a method Women can use to dominate men, and now there are many web-site on Dominas using hypnosis on men. The fact that these web-sites are becoming increasingly popular shows the deep need in many men to want to submit to Women. Now, there is a real mystery about how hypnosis works, I have read books on hypnosis and find they are very cagey on just what hypnosis is. One book I read by two psychologists said they done a year’s study on hypnosis and one concluded that hypnosis doesn’t exist while the other claimed that, yes, it does exist, but all people are in a hypnosis trance all the time. The important thing about hypnosis is the giving of suggests, and it seems that suggestions can be effective, even when people are in normal consciousness. Now, the reason why books on hypnosis are evasive about its true nature, is because hypnosis as practised in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century had a very strong dominance and submission theme within it. Hypnotists in the past used to say things to their clients like, “you are now completely in my power”, “the only voice you will hear is mine, and you will do everything I tell you.”. Back in the nineteenth century most hypnotist experiments seem to be practised by educated middle age men on young female servant girls. So the theme was of dominant men and submissive women. These upper or middle-class men must have found it very easy to dominate younger working class women. There is no mention of these men sexually abusing these girls but it probably did go on. This theme continued in the 20th century where there has been many court cases of male hypnotists being accused of sexually abusing female clients while in a trance. This D/S behaviour in hypnosis might have been acceptable in the past, but not in the late twentieth century and twenty-first century. Unfortunately, by not allowing hypnotists to be so dominant anymore, it means that hypnosis is not so effective as it once was. Though some hypnotists today are still able to make it work, if they have a dominant personality.

I did once go to a talk by a hypnotist who was more honest about what goes on than most modern hypnotists. He explained the importance of what he called pre-suggestion. What he was talking about, is that the hypnotist needs to sell how powerful hypnosis is, to the person they are hypnotising, before even starting the hypnosis. In other words the hypnotist will start to give the suggestions while their client is in normal consciousness. If a Dominant Woman wishes to hypnotise a man she cannot be wishy-washy about it, she has to be articulate, confident, authoritative and domineering. She would have one advantage over a professional hypnotists, because nowadays they cannot so easy, get away with telling their clients, “you are now completely in my power”. Whereas a Dominant Women can be uninhibited telling the man he will be totally obedient to her while he is in a trance. Professional Dominas can also use hypnotic techniques on their clients. In theory a client going to a Dominatrix should be very obedient, but in practise this doesn’t happen. Many men go to Professional Dominas with a list of demands on how they want to be dominated, or the Dominas ask their clients what they want done, which hands the power to the client. All this makes a mockery of the concept of a man going to Dominatrix to be dominated. So a Dominatrix can take back her power by using hypnotic techniques without the client being aware of it. She can use pre-suggestions by selling the idea to their clients of how powerful and irresistible she is, and how obedient the client will be. The client will probably go along with this, thinking it is part of the play-acting Professional Dominas do for their clients. She can even talk the client into a trance by using a slow and sexy voice and telling him to relax, and when he does feel very relaxed, (not knowing he is in a trance) she can then give him suggestions that he will be totally obedient to her. She can then dominate him in the way she wants to do so.

Dominance and Submission

The Femdom scene is all about Dominance and Submission but the way men and Women see D/S, can be very different. Men have an instinctive drive to compete against other men. We can see this competitive instinct in most other male animals where bulls, rams, stags etc. fight each other every spring for dominance and access to females. So in masculine terms the dominant male is also the winner. Many male animals also have a pecking order or hierarchical system, where the strongest male commandeers the best food for himself as well as his pick of the females while the less stronger males only get what he has left. We see this also in male dominated patriarchal societies, where the ruler becomes the dominant male and greedily takes whatever he can and the lesser dominant males take what is left. We can see this in the past where rulers not only live in great luxury while their people live in poverty, they will have hundreds of wives and concubines. So to a man D/S is all about winners and losers and to him it is right that, “the winner takes it all”.

How Women see D/S can be very different because they have different instincts. Women have maternal and nurturing instincts, so they don’t instinctively see relationships in terms of Dominance and Submission, but in the terms of the giving and receiving of love. To them the mother/child relationship is all-important and they tend to treat men as if they are children. When a mother has child she finds herself in the situation of becoming the child’s slave. This is because a newborn child is totally helpless, and it cannot possibly survive without a mother caring for its every need. Therefore when men dominate Women and demand they serve them, many Woman can accept it, if she sees her husband as a baby who needs to be care for and nurtured. So the Dominant husband is seeing the relationship in terms of winning and losing, with him as the winner, while the wife is seeing the relationship in terms of mother and child. Even if the man is violent and abusive with her, she can forgive him because babies can be cruel and ungrateful to their mothers with babies keeping mothers up all night with their crying and throwing tantrums to get their own way. So when a Woman continues to love a man even though he may physically and verbally abuses her, he assumes she must be a masochist, whereas she just sees him as a big baby.

As a child grows up then the relationship between the mother and child changes, as the mother has to socialize and teach the child. To men the process of teaching is again about dominance and submission. Male dominated schools in the past were about the teachers having strict control over the pupils and they were caned or flogged if they were disobedient in any way. It is of interest that many sadomasochist fantasies are about this old fashion type of schooling. At one time this was seen as an explanation for FemDom, because men were caned at school it was assumed that this perverted their sexuality and they wanted to relive these experiences, by being caned by a Dominatrix. Because of this some Professional Dominas used to play the role of a strict schoolteacher. Nowadays with men going to Professional Dominas who have never been caned at school, this explanation is no longer taken seriously. In more modern times schools tend to use more feminine methods to teach pupils and the result is chaos, with many people demanding we go back to the old fashion masculine methods of teaching and controlling children. The reason for this chaos is probably that both masculine and feminine methods are being used at school, which are in contradiction with each other.

It is like two parents trying to bring up children with two different ways of bring up their children. The father may be trying the old fashion way and by using a cane and shouting at the children, while the mother is using her social and communication skills to socialize the children. The father may be accusing the mother of continually undermining his authority as the children go to her for protection. While the mother is fed up with the father spoiling what she is trying to achieve, so the children are confused because they are given two very different messages about how to behave. The same is true in schooling today.

The Dominant Woman, like the submissive Woman, still treats a man like a child, the different is that the submissive Women thinks of a dominant man as a baby while the Dominant Woman sees the man as a child of school age. She sees her role of that teacher and trains him to serve her, because this is the way he learns how to love and care for others.

What many people have noticed in the Femdom scene is that some Women find dominating men very easy to the degree they can dominate men outside the Femdom scene, while other Women find dominating men very difficult, if not impossible. Why this is so, is to many people a mystery. Some people claim that the reason for this is to do with ‘body language’, the theory being that our body language betrays what we thing about ourselves. So a submissive person shows their submissiveness by the way they hold their body, and this is true of a dominant personality. Our personally can also be shown to others by our tone of voice and the way we use our words.

Now, some people assume that we are born to be either dominant or submissive, and there is nothing we can do about this, but it is possible for a person to create a dominant personality if they want to do this. This was true of a footballer called Marion Morrison who became the actor John Wayne. He got into films only because he was very good looking, but he couldn’t act and when they tried to get him to play the ‘hero’ he simply wasn’t macho enough. The result was he found himself being the ‘star’ of low-budget B-movies. Yet he was both ambitious and determined to be a good actor and play his hero roles in the way they should be played. He watched himself on the B-movies that he performed in, and looked at ways he could improve his performance. He slowly taught himself not only to be more macho but to have a more dominant personality. The result was that as he improved his performance famous directors like John Ford began to use him and he became an international star. Not only did he learn to be more macho and dominant as an actor, he learnt to do this in his normal life and took on the same role as his screen personality.

There are many actors who are far better at acting than John Wayne. Actors like him only succeeded in playing one role, which he played in all his films. But there are actors who can take on many different type of personalities in different films or plays. So how do they do this? It seems that the best actors do it by trying to get ‘under the skin’ of the character they are portraying. This is called ‘method acting’ where the actor, doesn’t try to act, instead they try to convince themselves they are the actual character in the play or film they are in. To do this they have to program their unconscious mind before the play or film to take on this role. This means they have to imagine what it would be like to be this person, and run through their minds all the thoughts and feelings this person would have.

Once an actor has programmed their unconscious mind that they are the character they are attempting to be, they then find that the body language, tone of voice and the way they would react comes to them automatically. So a Woman who wants a dominant personality needs to run through her mind first what it would be like to be dominant, imagining what it would feel like dominating men. The more she does this, the more she will program her unconscious mind into being this character. So in time she will start to automatically take on the body language and behaviour of a dominant personality, and she will find men responding to this. Then if any man starts to behave submissively towards her, she needs to run this over in her mind time and time again, to give herself more and more confidence that she can dominate men. It is important to be choosy about what to think about and take control of what you choose to think. If she is in a situation where her new dominant personality is not working and a man is not obeying her, then it is important not to dwell on it. Simply because to do so, will only undermine her confidence in herself. It is better to continue to think about the times it is working and make this your dominant thought. This then will greatly increase the confidence of the Woman, making it far more likely that her dominant personality will grow and men will obey her.

Unfortunately Women do not have as many dominant role models as have men. Men have many dominant and macho role models on film, but unfortunately many of the more dominant Women roles on film are also violent roles. So if a Woman doesn’t want to train herself in martial arts, then she cannot relate herself to any of these Women. Fortunately society is changing and more and more Dominant Women are appearing who do not need to be violent to dominate men, but some Women have done this without any role model to aspire to. The answer is that she allows herself to, “dream the impossible dream”. It is true many people may dream impossible dreams but what they also do, is tell themselves they have to be sensible about this. So perhaps many girls might have had dreams of dominating men but as they grew up they then started to tell themselves that such dreams are impracticable or impossible. So these contrary thoughts prevent her from developing a dominant personality. Whereas a Women with a dominant personality probably enjoyed the dream for its own sake and didn’t worry whether it was sensible or practicable, so she was able to develop a dominant personality that men began to respond to, as she grew up.

Another point is, that there are many young girls that are, “little madams”. These girls are very bossy when they are young, but as they grow older, they have to face the reality of the patriarchal society, where men rule the world. With little support from the society they live in, many of these “little madams” have their confidence in being able to boss men greatly undermined. So they feel they need to be pragmatic and become the submissive Woman that the patriarchal society expects them to be. Fortunately there have been Women who have resisted society's pressure to conform even when society was very patriarchal as it was back in the 19th century, and it is through the actions of these Women that society is slowly changing.

A curious thing about the Femdom scene is that many submissive men actually train Women to be dominant. The problem is for many of these men is that they become frightened of their own desires. The result is that although they want to be dominated by a Woman, because of their fears, they still want to be in control of the situation. For this reason these men try to “top from the bottom”. This paradoxical behaviour creates problems for Dominant Women because if they give into these men’s demands, they end up just being the man’s puppet, but if she asserts herself and asks, “just who is in charge here?” She will frighten these men away. Yet there is another way she can deal with this. A man coming to a Woman wanting to play D/S games is a great opportunity for her to program him into being genuinely obedient to her.

Men who join the army and are ordered to march up and down on the orders of a Sergeant Major, are not told that the purpose of this, is to program their minds into total obedience. In fact most military personal are total ignorant of the fact their unconscious minds have been programmed to obey orders without question. A Woman can do the same to a man who wants to play Femdom games with her. She needs to avoid the man telling her what to do during the session they are playing together. It is helpful to discuss with the man what he wants, then take control during the session. Though this is not essential because she can soon learn what his kinks are after a few sessions. Then in the spirit of her acting out the role of a Dominant Women he wants her to play, she can look for any opportunity to give him orders, she knows he has to obey. There may be some problems at first, as he may still try to keep control by ‘correcting’ her on the right thing to say. She shouldn’t make an issue about this and go along with his ‘corrections’ as it will assure him he has not lost control, while she can perfect her skills in acting out the role of a bossy woman. So even though it is play-acting, the fact that she is giving orders which he is obeying, will program his unconscious mind to obey orders from her.

Also in the spirit of her being a Dominant Woman, she can say things like, “I am your Mistress, you are my slave, you will always obey me” or whatever feels right. She can still pretend she is play acting and this is part of the game, but if he questions this, and if words like this worry him, then it is best to back off until he is properly programmed to obey. How long it will take to program a man to obey without question will vary greatly from man to man. So it is best to be patient and take it slowly. If she attempts to assert her dominance before he is properly programmed she might alert him to the possibility that you are not playing a game, and you want to dominate him in reality. This could frighten him away. It is best not to go beyond what he is asking for a number of sessions, and then test how far he has been programmed by pushing the boundaries bit by bit. If she takes it slowly then he is not going to get frightened, and she can gradually become more and more bossy during the sessions and start to dominate him outside the sessions as well. She can then re-enforce this by giving him praise and encouragement when he is obedient and ignore him when he is disobedient.

Up until now I have talked about Dominant Women dominating submissive or partly submissive men. What about men who are not in the least bit submissive? Would these methods work or these types of men? The answer is that they should work successfully on the vast majority of men, it doesn’t matter if a man is very macho or has a dominant personality, it should still work. After all, the military have no problem in brainwashing very macho or dominant men. I know personally a woman who was in an unhappy relationship where her husband dominated her by undermining her confidence. Then suddenly one day he left her for another Women. What shocked her was that she got reports that his new wife would openly boss him about. She couldn’t understand it, as he was never like this when he lived with her. So what was his second wife’s secret? How was it that she could dominate him quickly and easy? It seems that her technique was very crude and direct: she simply shouted at him. As it turned out, as a young man he spent two years in the British army on National Service, so he was already programmed to obey without question anyone who behaved like a sergeant major. So by shouting at him, his second wife did behave like this and found it easy to dominate him. I cannot guarantee that this technique will work on all ex-servicemen and there will be problems in getting involved with any military personal that have seen action. As warfare does leave men with mental scars and psychological problems.

If a man hasn’t been programmed to obey without question, and doesn’t show any submissive behaviour, then a Woman will need to be patient, and it could take years to establish dominance over him. For this I would recommend animal training techniques as explained by two books; What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage by Amy Sutherland and How To Train A Man by Nancy Winters. Both of these books are for mainstream readers and so to make them acceptable, Amy Sutherland steers away from talking about dominance and submission, while Nancy Winters makes a joke about it all.  (If you want to read a more upfront book by an ex Dominatrix then read Owning and Training a Male Slave By Ingrid Bellemare).

The principles of these books are very simple: you encourage and reinforce the behaviour you want in your man and ignore completely any behaviour you don’t like. If a man hasn’t studied psychology, or the occult, or reads positive thinking books, he would be unaware that most of his behaviour is dictated by his unconscious mind. So because his unconscious mind will be in charge, then you have to look more at his unconscious or habitual behaviour and thoughts, to bring about change. If you appeal directly to his conscious mind, you are unlikely to make any change, simply because he will be controlled by his unconscious mind. So it is easier to effect change by reprogramming his unconscious mind, where you can change his behaviour without him being aware of it. Now, to do this successfully you have to look at your own unconscious behaviour as well.

Unfortunately our society tends to teach us to focus on the negatives and forget about the positives. In other words we are taught to focus on our problems and take all the good things that happen to us for granted. This is very true in relationships where many people can go on and on about their partner’s faults. Certainly there are many Women whose favourite topic of conversation is what shit-bags all men are. Now, although it is good thing to see clearly the problems of living with men, concentrating on their faults is not going to get you anywhere, as you can unconsciously program them to become everything you don’t want them to be.

If you want to change your partner for the better, then to do this you need to concentrate your mind on the positives of your relationship and make them stronger. As mentioned earlier, nagging can be a powerful way to reprogram the mind of your partner. Unfortunately the majority of nagging is done unconsciously, so even if a Women sees the sense of not using negative nagging, she will still find it difficult to change her habitual thoughts and behaviour, and carry on just as before. So to change her behaviour means she has to reprogram her unconscious mind before she can reprogram the mind of her partner. To do this, it is a good idea to draw up a list of everything about your relationship and your partner that you like. Once you have done this, then make a habit of reading this list a number of times every day. Also think about the list during the day and perhaps you my find yourself adding to it or clarifying it so it makes better sense to you. By doing this you will start to reprogram your unconscious mind to see the positive aspects of your partner, so when you nag him, you may find yourself starting to nag him in a positive way. Therefore programming into his mind more positive behaviour of the type you want. The more you can see the positives of your relationship, the more you will encourage these positives in yourself and in your partner.

If a Woman is very angry with her partner she may find it difficult to be positive about him. To overcome this, it will be a help to think of him as a dog. If you are training a dog you are far less likely to get negative about his behaviour, than if you are training a human being. This is because if a dog is displaying anti-social behaviour, you a far more likely to see it in terms of his being badly trained than you would a man, who is supposed to have ‘freewill’. As I have mentioned before, a person who is dominated by their own unconscious mind, has very little if any freewill, as they are controlled by their habitual thoughts. Such a person has probably the same amount of freewill as a dog.

If you see your male partner as simply a badly trained dog, then you can be far more detached about his bad behaviour. This will allow you to be far more clear-headed about using any practical methods to change his behaviour for the better. If you are angry with him, you are far more likely to want to punish him or nag him in a negative way, which will reinforce his bad behaviour.

Going back to the quote I used at the beginning of this article:

“In ‘Beyond Freedom and Dignity’, Skinner put forth the notion that Man had no indwelling personality, nor will, intention, self-determinism or personal responsibility, and that modern concepts of freedom and dignity have to fall away so Man could be intelligently controlled to behave as he should. Despite the fact of the degree of implied human degradation involved, the question always remained just who would decide what Man should be, how he should act, and who would control the controllers?”

History has shown that few men do have free-will and are easily brainwashed by political and religious institutions. The problem is that male political and religious leaders have shown themselves to be totally incompetent and irresponsible in the way they have used this power throughout history. As they have used this power to create wars and genocide and create unjust societies where there is widespread poverty. This is why it would be far better for us all if this power were in the hands of Women. It should be Women who should decide, “what man should be,” and “how he should act” and become man’s ‘controller’. As previously pointed out, the knowledge of how Women can dominate and brainwash men is not a big secret. It is just a matter of Women using and applying this knowledge to take control of men and train them properly.

This article is also available as a written booklet at. -

Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human-Biocomputer, by John C. Lilly

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

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Femdom Witchcraft

Part one - How Women can dominate men through mind power.

Why is it that some Women can dominate men so easily, while other Women find it impossible? What is the magic that makes this possible? Some people assume it is sexual attraction, but there are many very attractive and glamorous Women who find it impossible to dominate men, while there are many old and overweight Women who still find dominating men easy. Other people think it is about style and a Women need to dress up in black leather or ‘power dress’ by having dresses with padded shoulder. To some degree this can work, but there are many Dominant Women who do not need to ‘power dress’ to dominate men, and can still do it wearing very feminine clothing.

In many ways the whole Femdom scene is a mystery. We live in a male dominated world, where men are not only bigger and stronger than Women but more aggressive and assertive as well. So why would any man want or even demand to be dominated by Women? People claim that this is just a sexual kink and don’t investigate it further. Conventional psychology claims that submissive or masochist men get tired of playing the dominant role with Women and want a ‘rest’ from this, by becoming submissive. But for many men their submissive desires are not just a holiday from being dominant, it can become an obsession that takes over their whole lives. Conventional psychology has no explanation where these powerful desires come from, except to suggest these men are suffering from an inferiority complex. Which is a suggestion that there is something wrong with men who want to be dominated by women. Because as patriarchal propaganda likes to claim, it is the natural order of things that men are the dominant sex.

We live in a world that advocates masculine power. That is power from assertiveness, aggression, violence, and wealth. So it is suggested that if Women also want to be powerful they have to act and behave like men and also learn to be assertive and aggressive. Certainly many Women in the Femdom scene do this and learn to behave like aggressive men. Yet this violence and aggression on closer examination turns out to be a sham and simply play-acting. This is because as men are normally bigger and stronger than men, a Woman can only inflict violence onto him if he allows her to do so. Some men go as far as allowing themselves to be tied up, to be whipped and caned, but he has to actively cooperate for a Woman to tie him up. This means that these Women are not gaining power over men through aggression and violence, because these men have to want, demand or even pay, for Women do this to them. Femdom aggression and violence is only an expression of the power a FemDom Women has over a man, but is not the actual reason why men allow Women to dominate them.

What Women are not told about, is Feminine Power, which is Witchcraft and magic, or if it is mentioned we are told that such power does not exist, and only exist in fairy tales or the tricks of stage magicians. And for a very good reason, if all Women knew about the secrets of Witchcraft and magic most would use it to dominate men and we would be living in a Female Dominated world.
All male dominated religions and science tell us we live in a material world, where magic doesn’t exist and while people believe this, then men will always have the advantage over women. Simply because in a material world, men’s greater size, strength and aggression will ensure men are more likely to dominate Women. But if Women were to learn the secrets of genuine Witchcraft, (I don’t mean Wicca or Gardnenian Witchcraft). then Women can regain their power over men.
The big secret that all patriarchal religions and science tries to suppress, is that we do not live in a material world, but in fact, live in a world of mind.

We are all taught that what we think, feel, fantasize and dream about doesn't matter, as none of this has no effect on the material world we live in. But there are people who know this is not true, and claim that we, “create our own reality” by the sum total of every thing we think.

The nearest most normal people come to the idea that we live in a world of mind, is ‘positive thinking’ books, which mostly claim that we can all gain great wealth through positive thoughts. In recent years, positive thinking has come to dominate both the business and sporting world, where many successful businessmen and champion sport stars, have claimed that their success came through their practise of positive thinking.

So could be said that Witchcraft, magic and positive thinking are all the same thing, except that most positive thinking books put a limit on what is possible through mind power, because they mostly just write about making a lot of money or winning at sport. Whereas magic is far more than this, as they go as far as to claim that we can create our own reality through mind power. It can be used to create what type relationships with have with others, how to find happiness and how Women can have relationships with men, where they totally dominate them.

Many people find the whole idea that we live in a world of mind frightening, because they think they have very little control over their own minds. This is why most positive thinking books don’t mention this and also why many advocate the use affirmations. Affirmation is repeating a thought or sentence over and over again to yourself. For instance to become wealthy you can keep on saying to yourself. “I am a very wealthy person”. The problem with saying an affirmation like this, if you are not very rich; is that you know that this doesn’t reflect your present reality. So all this affirmation will do, is to bring to mind contrary thoughts that says you are in fact poor, the result will be a mixture of positive and negative thoughts that will cancel each other out. In this situation a better affirmation in would be that, “I want to be a rich and wealthy person”. It is true that saying ‘I want’ is not so positive as saying ‘I am’ but saying ‘I want’ is less likely provoke negative thoughts about your current finances. So although using affirmations can be a very useful tool, it is important to think about what affirmations you want to use. We are all very different, and a affirmation that is very successful for one person, may not be very successful for another.

Another point about people being frighten of mind power, because they cannot control their own minds, is that they have never practiced this. It is like, say, learning to play golf; at first you may find it difficult even to hit the ball a few yards, but with practice you get better and better until you are able to play a reasonable game. Learning to control your own thoughts is exactly the same thing, you may find it very difficult at first, but with persistence you will get better and better at it. Most occult groups will first teach people meditation. The whole point of meditation is that it calms the mind by attempting not to think, by concentrating your mind on your breathing or your body or something else. Most people find this very difficult, if not impossible at first, but in time they learn to do this. So meditation has two benefits, it teaches people how to calm the mind, and in the process, gives them vital lessons in learning how to control their own thoughts.

As a general rule, I would recommend both meditation and self awareness in learning how to control your thoughts. There are many meditation techniques you can use, it doesn’t matter which one, as long as it does calm the mind. Self awareness is a bit more difficult as you have to use in during your normal daily life. Some occult teachers claim that we are all are, ‘sleep walkers’, as most people going through their normal daily routines are on ‘automatic pilot’. That is to say, their mind is so full of thoughts, that they are unaware of their surroundings; more especially if these surroundings are very familiar to them. You can find this out for yourself by just walking down a road and just see how long you can remain fully aware of your surroundings, before you start day-dreaming or thinking about something that concerns you. Other ways you can do this is to try and practice daily routines with awareness. That is to say, having a shower and getting dressed in the morning and focus your mind on being consciously aware of what you are doing. You may be surprised how difficult this is, but if you practice this regularly, it will bring to your conscious mind many of your unconscious thoughts. Meditation and self-awareness training can take some time to learn and many people want to know what they can do now to change their reality for the better, more quickly.

If is normal for most people to day dream and fantasize. If we accept that we live in a world of mind, then what we fantasize about is very important in creating our future reality. For instance many famous pop-stars did fantasize about being pop-stars as children. Many of them have told stories that at school the teacher asked the class, “what did they wanted to do when they left school”. The future pop-star said, “I want to be a pop-star”, and the rest of the class laugh and ridiculed him. So whereas most ‘sensible’ people may have fantasies like this, they will also think to themselves that such dreams are impossible. So by thinking such fantasies are not possible they undermine their power. But the ones who do not think, such thing are impossible become famous, because they didn’t have ‘sensible’ thoughts like this and so are 100% positive in their dreams of becoming a star. And this is what creates their future reality. The same is also true of Dominant Women who find it easy to dominate men. They to have dreams and fantasies of dominating men without questioning whether this is possible, which allows this to becomes their reality.

A friend of mine is a Dominant Woman and from the time she was a teenager she found it very easy to dominate men. Then in her 40s things began to go wrong, her very submissive husband began to disobey her, which caused their relationship to break up. In the break up he shocked her by telling her, “I never wanted to obey you but you are Witch and you forced me to obey you”. This surprised her as she had little knowledge of Witchcraft or magic.

Then she began to have similar problems in her later relationships. She was still able dominate men, but at times her power seem to fail her, which made her relationships with men very difficult. To the degree she end up not having relationships with any man because she found them to be unreliable. We discussed this together to try and find the cause of this and together we managed to work out what was going wrong.

My friend had a father who dominated her mother and as a child she knew very clearly that this is was not what she wanted for herself. So in her fantasise about men, she dreamed the exact opposite, which was dreams about men who would serve and worship her. She greatly enjoyed these dreams and fantasises and didn’t bother whether they might be ‘unreasonable’ or ‘impossible’, so her dreams were very positive. The result was that when she later began to date boys she found it easy to dominate them and she finally married a very submissive man. She also became a schoolteacher and found it easy to dominate unruly and disrupted teenage boys in her class. To the degree, her school would put most of the difficult boys of the school in her class, because she seem to have a knack of being able to control them. Then her father died and this greatly upset her, and suddenly at the same time her very submissive husband began to defy her, which broke up their relationship. After that her power over men seemed to have greatly diminished.

The problem for my friend what that she had practiced FemDom magic unconsciously, so that when things began to go wrong and the magic failed, she didn’t know what it was she was doing wrong, and therefore didn’t know how to fix it. It was clear that the powerful fantasises she had as a girl, of men serving and worshipping her, created a reality, where she had great power over men. Then it all went wrong when her father died. The death of her father had a powerful effect on her because she still loved him, even though she didn’t like him. So his death brought back a flood of memories from her childhood, which was reinforced by going back to the family home and seeing all her family. In this highly emotional atmosphere she began to relive all the childhood memories of her father dominating her mother, as well as herself and her brother. So she got in touch again with the helplessness of her mother and her feeling of helpless as a child in the face of a dominating father. (As she grew up she learnt to stand up to her dad and defy him, but this was when she was very much older.) So she was now powerfully in contact with all her childhood thoughts and feelings of being helpless in the face of a powerful male. These feelings created in her childhood reality, of helplessness, was now manifested in her present reality, which allowed her very submissive husband to suddenly defy her. She wasn’t used to this, and his defiance undermined her confidence in her ability to dominate men. She thought the problem was with her husband and broke with him and looked for other men she could better dominate, but she soon found she had the same problems with all men. Which further eroded her confidence until she got to the point of not wanting to have a relationship with any man, because to her, all men now seem to be so unreliable. She was still able to dominate men, but other times her power failed and this made her relationships with men very difficult.

So, from the above it seems easy for Women to gain power over men, all they have to do is to fantasize and dream about it. Yet for many people this doesn’t seem to work, many people have fantasize which never appear in reality. So why is this? There can be many reasons for this.
1 One problem is that our reality is the sum total over everything we think, feel and dream about. So even though a Woman might have dreams and fantasize about dominating men, she could also have other fantasize that are very different. For instance, she might like reading romantic novels like Wuthering Heights where the hero is a monster like Heathcliff who dominates the heroine. So both types of fantasize will be working against each other and cancel each other out. So it means the woman needs to look at ALL her fantasises and see if they are working with or against each other and decide which one she wants in her reality. If we have fantasies that we do not want to experience in our reality, then it is best not to dream about them.

2 A Woman can have Femdom fantasises, but desire this so much, she becomes impatient. The problem with this, is, if she is impatient, then she is very aware of the lack of what she desire. So her mind can also be concentrating on the lack of submissive men in her life, and this lack then becomes her reality. So it is important to keep her mind away from the lack of what she wants. What can help in this, is to use the fantasy for pleasure. Allow yourself to enjoy them as much as possible and make the enjoyment the main aim of the fantasy. In other words, fantasize at much as possible solely for the pleasure it gives you, then when you have finished the fantasy, do not indulge in feeling sad or upset because you haven’t got what you fantasize and concentrate your mind on something else.

3.Unfortunately in most Christian societies masturbation is preached against and even condemned as a sin. This means that many women with a Christian upbringing are discouraged from using masturbation. But a true practising Witch knows that masturbation and sexual fantasies can be a very powerful tool in manifesting what she wants. This is because masturbation greatly increases the feeling of pleasure in any fantasy, as strong emotions increases the power of any fantasy, so feelings of joy and pleasure will make these fantasies more powerful. For this reason it is a good idea to have a long hard look at your fantasies. According to the author Nancy Friday some women have fantasies of being raped by men, and they probably think these fantasies are totally harmless, because they have be taught we live in a material world where fantasies have no effect on their reality. A Witch knows this is not true, and knows how important it is to clean up her fantasy life and not indulge in fantasies, she wouldn’t want to experience in reality.

4 For some people their fantasies are impotent because they don’t put themselves in their own fantasy. For instance a Woman may fantasize strongly about Mr Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice but not identify herself in any way with the feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet. The result will be that she will have a reality of being, “the bridesmaid and not the bride”. In other words she may find herself witness to a relationship of a powerful and wealthy man that is tamed by a feisty women, but never a personal relationship with a Mr Darcy type of man. This is because she didn’t make herself a player in her own fantasy. Though this could be a good idea if the Women likes the Bronte sisters type of romantic novel. It certainly wouldn’t be a good idea to identify yourself with the heroines of Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre, unless you have strong masochistic tendencies. This is also true of sexual fantasies; a woman might be turned on by fantasies of cunnilingus but brought up to believe that “good girls don’t do that sort of thing”. So in her fantasies she doesn’t put herself in the fantasy because she wants to be a ‘good girl’. The result is that she might experience a reality where other women tell her about how their boyfriends or husbands give them cunnilingus, but never experience it herself.
This then is why the practice of self-awareness is so important. Most people are unaware of their day to day thoughts, day-dreams and fantasies. So even if a person accepts we live in a world of mind, unless they are consciously aware of their own thoughts, there is not a lot they can do about it. Another way to understand what is going on in your own mind is to take a look at the reality you are experiencing now. If you say have always had problems in earning money, you can be sure, that you keep on having thoughts of poverty. Or on the other hand, if you find making money very easy then, then you have thoughts of wealth and have few negative thoughts about this subject. Or if a woman desires to live with a very submissive man she can easily dominate but this is not in her experience, then it is clear she has negative thoughts about this happening to her.

The problem most people have, when they are dissatisfied with their present reality, is accessing their normal day to day thoughts, if they haven’t practiced self-awareness. Modern science when trying to understand the human mind, liken it to a very sophisticated computer. Unfortunately where the human mind is different from a computer, is that it doesn’t have a delete button. In a modern computer if you have on your computer, programs that you don’t want, you can uninstall them. But with the human mind once you have a program, behaviour pattern or a reality that you don’t like, it is not easy to change this, except by installing programs within your mind that you do like, and make them stronger than the ones you don’t want. So how do you do this?

Most of us have been brought up to be sensible and ‘realistic’ about what we can have. And unfortunately this also applies to our fantasies and dream world. A person can have fantasies and dreams of being very wealthy or having the perfect relationship with the opposite sex. Then come back to ‘reality’ and dismiss the fantasy as being impossible. This then means that we have to question what we believe is reality.

Our beliefs are limited by what we are taught as children. If we come from a strictly religious background, we are taught that everything that happens is, ‘the will of god” or Allah. This fatalistic belief suggests that there is little we can do to change our lives for the better. Or if we come from an atheistic background we are taught we live in a totally materialistic world and whatever we think, feel, or believe in will not change our lives.

What we are taught as children becomes our beliefs, which we accept as normal and few of us question these childhood beliefs. Yet, it is these beliefs that create our reality, so how can we change our beliefs?

All beliefs are, habitual thoughts. We acquire certain habitual thoughts as children and these thoughts are accepted by our unconscious mind and faithfully feed them back to our conscious mind all the time. So to change our beliefs require us to change our habitual thinking. This is why positive thinking books recommend affirmations. The idea is to repeat an idea, or sentence, many, many times until it becomes a habit. Once it becomes part of your habitual thinking, it will then slowly change into a belief.

So to change our lives for the better, we have to question the very limiting beliefs we acquired from our childhood. So if we have beliefs about money that goes, “You have to work very hard to obtain money”. “all rich people are crooks”, “it is hard to become rich unless you have rich parents”, “you have to be very lucky to make money”. Habitual thoughts or beliefs like this, are very, very limiting and will keep you in poverty for all your life.

The same is true for Women who want to dominate men. We live in a patriarchal society that gives out beliefs like. “It is ‘natural’ for men to dominate women”, “a man who allows a woman to dominate him is not a ‘real’ man but is a ‘wimp”, “A woman needs a strong, assertive ‘macho’ man to protect her”, “macho men are exciting and sexy”. So dominant Women have to overcome beliefs like this. Social pressure against relationships between dominant women and submissive men are so strong, that many couples where the Women takes the dominant role, they keep quiet about the dynamitic of their relationship, for fear of what other people might say.

So if a Woman wants to have men in her life she can dominate easy, she has to question everything the patriarchal society is telling her about men, and realise that it is untrue.

The idea that men are naturally dominant is disproved by the military. Solders have a reputation of being some of the most macho men in our society. Yet, the most important aspect of a soldier, that is most valued by generals, is their blind obedience to authority. So that, if troops are ordered to make an attack on the enemy, with little chance of survival, they will obey without question.

In the First World War, troops would come out of the trenches when ordered to do so and walk across no-mans-land to be slaughtered by machine gun fire. Only a very small minority of men were able to disobey this order. At the end of Second World War whole squadrons of Japanese airmen were ordered to make suicide attacks on enemy ships. These Kamikaze pilots obeyed without question.
So if men can be totally obedient to military leaders, to the degree of dying when ordered to do so, why can’t they also be totally obedient to Women?

The very fact there are no limits on how obedient men will be in the military, means there are no limits to how obedient a man can become to a dominant Women. This is because as the military have clearly demonstrated, men are naturally obedient to authority. Dominant Women also have an advantage because submissive men find Dominant Women very sexy, and claim it is their sexual drive that makes they want to worship and serve Dominant Women. The military doesn’t have this advantage, unless a man is homosexual, so it means that Dominant Women should have even more power over men than the military.

This means that a Woman in her dreams and fantasies doesn’t have to limit herself in what she can make a man do. It is true the military does use brainwashing techniques to make their troops totally obedient; I have explained these methods in my article, “Femdom and brainwashing techniques”.

 Many Women have the problem that because of their upbringing they don’t know how to be dominant. Yet, Femdom Women find men coming to them and asking them to play the dominant role, and these men even have to tell the woman how to do this. Men also do this to professional dominas where they will go to a Dominatrix and tell them how they want to be dominated. This is what is called, “topping from the bottom”. Where although the woman is playing a dominant role, she is limited by how the man expects her to behave.

For this reason FemDom is unpopular with many Women, because as they rightly point out, most of the FemDom scene is dominated by men. It is men who pay Professional Dominas to whip or humiliate them and; "he who pays the piper calls the tune". So it is men who setting the agenda, but Women can take over FemDom, and use it to genuinely dominate men in stages.

Stage One

A very patriarchal minded man finds he has deviant and kinky desires for Dominant Women. So he either goes to a Dominatrix or persuades his girl friend or wife to act out this role. At this stage, he is firmly in charge and he will tell his partner or Dominatrix what his kinks are and she will act them out for him. For him, he is only satisfying his selfish desires and the Woman is accommodating him.

Stage Two

He will at first be able to separate his kinky desire from his `ordinary' life. So he can go to a Dominatrix to worship or be humiliated by her and then go back to his submissive wife and treat her like an ordinary patriarchal woman. Or if it is his partner he plays these kinky game with, she is only playing a role, but it is he who is still in charge. While the rest of the time they are a `normal' couple.
But, being whipped or caned by a woman, being on the receiving end of a strap-on, being verbally abused, worshipping a woman by kissing her feet or bottom, is going to effect him on the unconscious level.

Some men after awhile will want to take it all to the extreme and want to be really tortured and hurt by the Domina, or even want to eat her shit. Yet no matter how far he goes down this route, he finds he is still not satisfied, because extremes like this are a dead-end. So what he begins to find is that his desire begin to leak outside of the kinky sessions into his `normal' life.

He may find going to a Dominatrix whom he tells what to do, no longer satisfying and wants one who tells him what to do. He may also find he has a desire for his wife to be more dominant and may consciously or unconsciously encourage her to be more like this. If he is practicing these sessions with his girlfriend or wife, he will begin to find, he want her to dominate him outside of their sessions.

Stage Three

By being worshipped by the man and told; "you are in charge", effects the women on the unconscious level as well. The result is, she begin to have the confidence to take charge of the sessions and begins to tell the man what she prefers. For instance; the man might want to be whipped or caned but she may not get any enjoyment from this, and decide they will do something else instead, like him practising cunnilingus on her and denying him orgasm. So she find she can start to change things for her benefit and he will comply.

Stage Four

BDSM from a masculine point of view, is just about dominance and submission or sadism and masochism but when the Women take control, she finds she wants to introduce love into this mix. Submission to her is about the desire to give love to another, while dominance is about receiving love. She will also be very interested in the psychologically of the submissive man, and want to know how he feels. So she will introduce him to the idea that he wants to worship and serve her, because he loves her more than himself.

So now, the balance of power is changing and the Woman is now taking control, as the fantasy is now changing into a reality.

Stage Five

At stage one the Woman was learning from the man. Now it is the opposite, and the man is now learning from the Women. He begins to learn from her; the Feminine point of view, of the joy of caring and loving others, of devoting your life to make another happy, and empathizing with them. So that their happiness becomes his happiness. Though he may also learn the hard lessons of empathizing with those who are unhappy and learn how to do his best to bring happiness to them.
The Women is now becoming more confidence in her Feminine nature as she sees her man is now far more happier learning from her how to love. She is also now learning how to love herself through the worship and devotion of the man.

Through these stages both Women and men learn how much better life is, if Women are in charge.
Yet women do not have to be trained like this by men to be dominant, if they question all the propaganda they receive from the patriarchal society and deliberately place in their own minds, beliefs they prefer to have. For instance it can be helpful if you see soldier marching on TV or in real life and notice just how obedient they are. With this in mind, ask yourself whether it is natural for all men to be totally obedient to authority. Then imagine and fantasies having men in your life who are totally obedient to you. If doubts about this come up, then think about the unquestioning obedience of soldiers, and realise there are no limits to the obedience of men.

It is also important to make these fantasies a source of pleasure in their own right. Enjoy the fantasies as much as you can, you can even enjoy them when masturbating. If thoughts come into your mind that your fantasies are ‘unrealistic’, notice what feelings these so-called ‘sensible’ and ‘realistic’ thoughts give you. If these thoughts undermine your confidence and make you unhappy, then this type of thoughts are clearly dragging you down, and taking you away from what you want and desire.
You can also see these negative thoughts as simply patriarchal propaganda that was fed to you as a child. Realise that the purpose of patriarchy is male domination and one way to do this, is undermine women’s confidence in dominating men. Patriarchy has been undermining women’s confidence for thousands of years.

If you take a cork and hold it underwater it is very easy to hold it down, but it will only stay there while you keep holding it in that position. If at any time you arm gets fatigued or you get fed up with keeping the cork underwater and let go. The cork will automatically rise to the top. This concept gives a good metaphor of what is happening today in the politics of Female power.

For anyone who has read the history of patriarchy over the last five thousand years what it very striking is the great efforts needed to keep Women powerless. Up until the end of the 19th century, there were laws to ensure that women couldn't own any property or wealth. As the law stated that everything a woman had was either owned by her father or husband and the law also make it very difficult for any woman to inherit property. Women were also barred from all well paying jobs and professions and only allowed to do poorly paying jobs like, servant, farm labourer or prostitute. So Women were unable to acquire any wealth of power in her own right. Husbands were also encouraged to dominate their wives, who had to swear to obey their husbands when they were married. The law even gave husbands the right to beat their wives with either a stick or whip.
In other cultures the laws oppressing women were even more strict than in the Western World. It was traditional for the Somalis people of Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti for a bride to start married life with a flogging from her husband. It seems the newly wedded husband would wait for her in the bridal chamber with a whip in his hand. This was also true with the Sifon people of Tibet, who traditionally would again start of married life with the husband whipping his bride.

Yet we are taught at school and in our history books that men have always been the dominant sex going back to early Stone Age. The irony is that if it is natural for men to be the dominant sex, why do then men had to create very oppressive laws and customs against Women? If it is natural for men to be the dominant sex then they shouldn't need any laws, custom or propaganda to keep their place in the dominant position. For instance they only reason way we have laws against stealing is because many people do steal. If people didn't steal, there would be no reason to have laws against this behaviour. The same is true of customs and traditions. The custom of marriage with people swearing to be true to each other, is only needed because people do tend to have sex outside of marriage. If pair bonding was completely natural for human beings, then we wouldn't need customs like marriage, enforced by laws and social censure.

This then means that oppressive laws and customs to keep women in a subservient position, suggests that it is not natural for women to be the submissive sex. If it was natural for men to be the dominant sex then there would be no reason for men to have these laws and customs to keep women in bondage.

When women began to campaign for equal rights in 19th century America, they discovered that legally, they had less rights than a black slave. But within a 150 years have gained near equality with men without any violent revolutions or wars. The freeing of Women was caused by the undermining of the power of patriarchal religion Christianity through the rise of science. With people no longer respecting Christian teachings we can now see Women rapidly rise to power once again. So it is like a holding a cork underwater. It is easy to hold the cork down, but once you let go the cork rises to the surface. Patriarchy could only keep Women down while it was actively suppressing them, and when the pressure was release we now find Women are naturally moving back to ruling society once again. This suggests to me, that it is probably natural for human beings to be ruled by Women.

Not only has Women gain political power over the last hundred years but the relationship between men and Women are also changing rapidly. With the undermining of the many customs, beliefs and social conventions that men are the dominant sex, the personal relationships between men and women are rapidly changing. It is now more commonplace for Women to openly claim they are the head of the household and we even now have househusbands. Also, from very tiny beginnings during the early 1970s the FemDom movement has grown steadily and strongly.

It has been patriarchal religions like Christianity and Islam that has been in the forefront of oppressing Women. Even today extreme Islam countries try to force Women to wear facial screens and discourage female education. Restrictions like this wouldn't be needed if men didn't fear the power of Women. In the past, Christianity used extreme violence against Women. In the infamous Witch hunts of the medieval age the vast majority of millions of people who were tortured and burnt alive were Women. Suggesting again a real fear of Women becoming too powerful, as well as a fear of Women who use magical powers.

It was only the decline of the power of Christianity in the Western world through the rise of science that took away the oppression of Women. With the ending of oppressive laws and customs throughout the 20th century Women have quickly gained near equality with men. I know to us a hundred years might seen a long time but in historical terms it is very quick, for such a far reaching social change. If this rate of progress for Women is to continue during the 21st century then clearly Women will be ruling the world in another hundred years time.

If we accept we live in a world of mind, then patriarchal propaganda that convinces women that they are ‘naturally’ the submissive sex and convinces men that they are the dominant sex, is what keeps patriarchy going. If women are instead the natural dominant sex and men are naturally submissive towards women, then patriarchy can only survive by using a heavy propaganda campaign to convince men and Women to go against their natural instincts. Men have to be brainwashed into believing that they are naturally dominant, and encouraged to use violence against Women to undermine their confidence and self-respect.

It is only by convincing Women that they are naturally submissive, and preaching again the use magic, that prevents women from using their power to dominate men. The power of women is increasing in the Western world because Women are questioning patriarchal propaganda. Through feminism most women now accept that perhaps they are equal to men, but in the growing Femdom movement Women and men are realising that Women may be the natural dominant sex.
Feminist have called history, his-story, simply because official history is heavily bias in favour of men. The common view is that in our Stone Age men were savage brutes who dominated women through violence, and this idea is sold to the general public as scientific fact. Yet there is no scientific evidence for this whatsoever. In fact what little scientific evidence we have of our stone-age ancestors, points to female domination rather than male domination.

The general public is also told that civilization started with the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamians, five thousand years ago. Yet scientists know that civilization started thousands of years earlier than this in the Neolithic age, but the evidence of these very early civilizations are not given to the general public as the scientific evidence again points to female domination in these early civilizations.
It can be said, that this doesn’t matter today what has happened thousands of years ago, but in some ways it does matter a lot. If women are told that men have always been the dominant sex from the time of the early Stone Age, then it strongly suggests it will always be ‘natural’ for men to dominate women. But if women were to become aware that Women were the dominant sex in the Stone and Neolithic ages then women will see themselves in a totally different way. (You can read about Her-story as opposed to his-story in my books, “Why Women Should Rule The World”, Mermaids, Witches And Amazons and Freemasonry And The Hidden Goddess.

Back in the Stone and Neolithic age people didn’t worship male gods but worshiped Goddesses whom they called The Great Mother. It was natural for early humans to assume a Great Mother created the world, because it is only mothers who can create life and give birth. (Later when patriarchal religions claimed that a male god created the world, they had problems in explaining how he done this.)

The religion of the Great Mother was our first religion. Unlike later patriarchal religions it was an uplifting religion where the Great Mother gave us, her children, unconditional love. Understanding of this ancient religion will also give Women boost to their self-esteem and the ability to rule our world.
We all brought up to believe that the feminine is ‘weak’ and the masculine is ‘strong’. And to be fair while we believe that we only live in a material world, then that is true, but if begin to realise we live in a world of mind, then the feminine becomes far stronger than the masculine.

As children very few of us are told that we can create our own reality, we are told we live in a material world and what we think or feel has no effect on this world. So we don’t worry about what thoughts we have and passively allow others to create our reality for us. Which in most cases is the patriarchal establishment like patriarchal religions, science and politics. So we are told that if we want to make our life better for ourselves, we have to study and work hard and we are not told anything about the power of our own minds. The result is that we grow up and find we are living in a reality we don’t want, simply because we didn’t take play an active role in creating this reality. We have allowed others to create our reality for us because we didn’t know anything about our true power. As I have mentioned before, the human bio-computer doesn’t have a delete button, so we cannot easy uninstall the programming or thought habits within our own unconscious mind. So most people are stuck with the programming of their minds as children, with no knowledge of how to change themselves.

We have to realise we live in a universe that says; “Yes” to everything and doesn’t understand the meaning of “No”. We create in our reality everything, and I mean everything, we concentrate our minds on. And it doesn’t matter if we think about what we want or don’t want, the universe creates it for us, both the positive and the negative. So to the universe “yes” and “no” mean the same thing, which is always “yes”. So we are stuck with what we have got, and all we can do is overlay the negative thought habits and reality, with new thought patterns. Then learn how to concentrate our minds on what we do want, rather than what we don’t want.

Back in the 19th century child care in the West was dominated by masculine thinking, so children were disciplined by the cane, meaning that if they done anything wrong they were physically punished. What was ‘normal’ childcare then, would be seen as child abuse today. The result was that the focus was on how ‘naughty’ children were and solve the problem through force. Today, with female emancipation, Women are now bringing up their children using feminine methods. Physical punishment has been banned throughout Europe and a parent or schoolteacher can be charge with assault if they were to hit a child. The new feminine ways is to use praise instead of punishment to socialise the child. So everything that the child does that the parent thinks is ‘right’, is given a lot of praise, while unsocial behaviour is ignored. (Unfortunately today the old masculine methods are also still used, so children can become very confused when subjected to both feminine and masculine methods of child rearing.) In the world of mind power the feminine method is the only way that works.

So let us say we are in a relationship that is not very successful. Perhaps you are a Dominant Women but the man you live with is not always obedient and will only obey you went he feels like it. Now, conventional thinking will tell you that this man is a waste of space and you will be better off without him. The problem will be that even if you dump him and find another man, the chances are the new man will be the same. The reason is that this has become your reality, so even if you change the faces in your personal reality, it still will remain the same. Now, the problem for most people in our world, is that we are trained to concentrate our minds more on the negative and less on the positive. So if a Dominant Women is living with a man and one day he is disobedient or does something she doesn’t like, we are trained to think about this and try to ‘fix’ the problem. Because we are told; if we ignore them, our problems they will get worse and worse. But in the realm of mind power the opposite is true. If we concentrate our minds on the negatives of our relationships we only make them more powerful. So if a Dominant Women is living with a man who is obedient 90% of the time and disobedient for only 10%. If she concentrates her mind on the 10% negative, as conventional wisdom tells her to do so, all she will be doing is creating a reality where he is even more likely to disobey her. It would be far better to concentrate her mind on the 90% where he is totally obedient and reinforce that in her reality.

This means that love and appreciation can become powerful tools in creating the reality we want. The more we appreciate and focus on the things we like in our reality the more stronger it becomes. So even if a woman was with a man who only obeys her 10% of the time, she can greatly increase this by strongly appreciating the times when he is obedient. Now, some people will point out that he also has his own reality, so wouldn’t her attempts at magic, interfere with his freewill? The point is that we live in a universe where ‘like attracts like’. If a Woman has desires to dominate men, then she will attract men who want to be dominated. The problem is that most of us have many contrary programs running in our unconscious minds. For instance a man may have a strong desire to be submissive towards women, yet at the same time he may have been brought up to be very macho, and be ashamed of his submissive desires. So he might behave like a Jekyll and Hyde where sometimes he is very submissive and other times he remembers his childhood upbringing and tries to assert himself. The Dominant Women he is living with, may have the same problems. She has a strong desire to dominate, but was brought up to be submissive towards men. So it means if the Dominant Women is focused on when her partner is defiant of her, she provokes within him his macho childhood upbringing. Whereas when she becomes very appreciative of his obedience and submission she likewise provoke within him his desire to submit towards her.

This then means to successfully use the power of the mind we have to use feminine thinking. The masculine way of fighting competing and destroying doesn’t work in the realm of mind power. If we have thoughts we say no to, and try to fight, destroy and eliminate them, all we do is give them more and more attention and so they become more and more powerful. The only way we can decrease the power of thoughts habits we do not want, is to not give any attention to them, and overlay them with the thought patterns we want.

People can have within them unconscious programs that are greatly different. I know a woman who was in an unhappy relationship where her husband dominated her by undermining her confidence. Then suddenly one day he left her for another Women. What shocked her was that this Woman was very dominant. She got reports from her children, that when he married this Woman he turned completely from a dominant male into a very submissive wimp. She couldn’t understand it, as he was never like this, when he lived with her. Yet it must have been within him throughout their marriage, it was just that her behaviour never brought it out in the open. She had assumed he was a dominant male and never considered he might have a very submissive side to him. This submissive side of him was probably always there, but like most men, he was brought up to be a macho male, and he learnt to how to assert himself through his verbal skills in undermining other people’s confidence. Which he successfully done with his first wife, who did have a dominant personality, but he undermined her confidence so much, she end up playing the role of a submissive with him. Clearly his second wife had more confidence in herself and wasn’t cowered by his sarcastic put-downs, and it was she who ended up verbally abused him. While his first wife went on to marry a more submissive man who helped her regain her confidence in herself and encouraged her dominant nature.

Unfortunately in many Femdom fantasies, created by men, the Dominant Women dominates the male through physical force. In other words she uses masculine methods to gain dominance. In real life this doesn’t happen because very few Women are bigger and stronger than the average man. The only way an average Women can beat up a man, is if he refuses to fight back, and they only way she can whip or cane him, is for him to voluntarily bend over and allow her to do it, or voluntarily allow her to tie him up. So Femdom violence towards men is not how Women gain power over men, it is only an expression of her power. Very few Women can possibly gain power over men using masculine methods. Mind power works far better for Women because it is a far more feminine method.
This is why, how Women see the world they live in, strongly influences their personal reality. Women are brought up to believe that God is a man, and sees the vast majority of leaders of countries are men and all positions of power in our society are held by men. This fact alone will undermine Women confidence in themselves and their ability to dominate men. This is also why both Feminists and Femdom Women feel they have to think and behave like men to gain power in our world.
In would help a lot if Women where to know more about the ancient religion of the Great Mother.

Part Two - The Compassionate Goddess

In the western world we have been brought up to believe in an angry and uncaring God who judges and condemns us. Some people have attempted to get away from this Judo-Christian God and try to see him as a loving God as portrayed by Jesus in the New Testament, but old habits die-hard. Even though many people try to see God as a loving God, we all live in a world of suffering and people unconsciously assume it is because we are "sinful" in the eyes of God and this is why he will not help us. Because for what other reason are we living in a world of suffering?
This unconscious argument is supported by atheists who have put forward a argument against the existence of God, which goes: “If God loves us all, as stated by Jesus Christ, then why are we living in a world of suffering?” Which suggests that either there isn't a God or that he is indifferent to the suffering we all experience.
In the Bible it states that; "God make us in his own image". If we are to think of a God who has the great intelligence and power to create the universe, then as we all are his creations, we should be all perfect. Because a being with such power and intelligence that he create the universe, should be able to be perfect in his creation. Yet I doubt if any person thinks that they are perfect and I also doubt if anyone thinks that we live in a perfect world.
The Bible gets around this paradox by saying that; we were led astray from this perfection by the Devil. Yet who is the Devil? The Bible says he is a fallen angel. Yet if God has created everything, then it means he has created the Devil as well. Which again suggests this powerful being of unlimited power and intelligence, has again created something imperfect.
So from our point of view we have a choice: We either believe in a imperfect God who is seems doesn't know what he is doing, and is willing to blame his own shortcoming on to us. Even to the degree of punishing us for his mistakes. Or that we don't believe in a God at all, and believe that the universe and life appeared by accident. Which suggest we live in a meaningless and pointless universe.
Which is a very depressing picture. It means that if we only have a choice in atheism or the angry imperfect God, then it means there is no hope for us all. It means we are forced to live in this world of suffering forever with no redemption. It also means that such beliefs will have a very negative effect on anyone who believes in them, so it is no wonder people look for happiness through money, power, drink and drugs.
What is the way out of these very negative beliefs? How can we give ourselves hope in a better life and future for us all? The answer is to change the sex of God so he is not a father God but a Mother Goddess. Once we begin to look at our creator as a Mother, which makes more sense, as it is the Mother who give birth. Then we begin to see life in a very different way. We begin to understand there is hope for us all and that we do not have to live in a world of suffering.
Anyone who has been brought up as a Christian should know the story of The Prodigal Son, which is a parable by Jesus. Briefly it is about a son who leaves his father to make his own way in the world. But leaving the security of his father everything starts to go wrong for him. He is robbed and cheated and soon finds himself living in desperate poverty. In the end he swallows his pride and goes back to his father and is greeted with kindness and consideration by the father.
The meaning of this parable is that we all are Prodigal Sons and daughters. And the father in this story is the idea of the Loving Father God that Jesus unsuccessfully tried to promote. The reason why Jesus was unsuccessful in promoting the Loving Father God image was because most men are not kind and loving of others. We see men who attack each other and go to war with each other, while a loving man is seen as something of a wimp. Which is the image Jesus has. People have preferred the image of the angry and dogmatic Old Testament God, because at least he is a real macho man with attitude. Not realising what such an image does to the people and the society that believes in such a God.
It is far easier for see a Mother as being loving and caring of us all. Then to try and create a image of a loving and caring father because even the best father tend to give their children conditional love. So why is this so important? What difference does the image we have of our creator makes to our lives and the society we live in? Simply that if our Creator is a Mother Goddess, or as She was known in prehistoric time the Great Mother, then we can believe that she loves us all unconditionally in the same way a human mother loves her children. Which is all very well you may ask: But if that is true, why are we living in a world of suffering? The Great Mother has the same problem as a mortal mother, sooner or later her children will want and demand independence. So it means she has to let them go to make their own way in the world.
Any mother who has children is faced with this dilemma: Because she loves her children unconditionally she doesn't want to see her children hurt or suffer in any way. Yet she also knows that if she is to mollycoddle them too much and give them constant protection, they are unable to live lives of their own and learn how to look after themselves. So if she is a wise mother she learns to untie them from her apron strings and allow them the freedom to make their own mistakes. So mothering is a balancing act of giving her children freedom to learn for themselves. But not too much freedom so they will hurt themselves.
Likewise we all are the children of the Mother Goddess. She like a mortal Mother loves us all unconditionally, and she doesn't want us to suffer, yet also she wants to give us the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. So she has given us a very vital gift, and that is freewill. So that she will not interfere with anything we wish to do. Because she loves us all unconditionally she will love us no matter what we do. This is echoed in the words of Jesus when nailed to the cross he said: "Forgive them for they no not what they do". In the eyes of the Great Mother we are all still children and the earth is our playground.
So if the Great Mother loves us all unconditionally why does she not interfere in the world? Why does she not come down to earth and guide us more directly to eliminate suffering from the world? The answer is in the Prodigal Son parable by Jesus. When children become teenagers they begin to rebel against their parents, they become "knowalls" and think they know better then what mother and father. This then makes them leave their parents and go off on their own, to live independent lives. This is what the whole of humanity has done, as we have a desire to be independent of our Mother Goddess. So we have turned our back on her to lead independent lives. Like a mortal parent she knows that she cannot interfere with this decision we have all made and has allowed us to go off to learn for ourselves. Yet also the story of the Prodigal Son also tells us that if we want to return to the Great Mother then we are all free to do so and we will be welcomed with open arms. So the question is, why are we not doing this?
The obvious answer would be pride. The teenage son or daughter doesn't want to go back to there parents and say: "I can't look after myself after all". But there is another reason for this, the way we see our creator has become extremely distorted. If we believe our creator is an angry and judgmental God, then we are not going to want to turn to someone who will condemn and punish us. Likewise if we are atheists we assume there is no god and so will not bother to asked for help from any deity. So how did it come about that we have distorted the image we have of our creator?
If we are to believe what we are told about history: Then it seems that people in the past lived far more terrible lives than what we did. It seems that the further we go back in time the harder life was for all people. But is this true?
I don't think anyone would argue with the fact that life was far harder in the medieval times than today. Yet would it also be true that if you go back further in time than the Middle ages would life get progressively worse for people? That is a debatable point, because the further we go back in history the less we understand what is really going on. But logic tells us that if we adopt the model of gradual evolution where everything has slowly got better for all people and so then assume everything must of got progressively worse the further back we go. We will finally go back to a time where conditions were so hard for people, that humanity couldn't possibly survive. So we have to revise this model and see that history is about a series of highs and lows.
A low point would have been the middle ages and if we look at these times people then believed in the angry and judgmental God far more than they do today. The belief permeated the whole of society where people were genuinely frightened of God. (It is not for nothing that Christians once called themselves ‘god-fearing people’) Which created a very negative point of view because every disaster and misfortune was seen as a judgment against people, by an angry God. Though I am not an advocate of atheism. I have to say that the rise of atheism in the 19th century has created a far more humane society. It seems that the concept of no-God, is far better for us all, that the belief in an angry and judgemental God.
Now the Ancient Greeks had a myth about a Golden Age that existed in their past. To quote: "The first age was an age of innocence and happiness. Truth and right prevailed, though not enforced by law, nor was there any magistrate to threaten or punish. The forest had not yet been robbed of its trees to furnish timbers for vessels, nor had men built fortifications around their towns. There were no such thing as swords, spears, or helmets. The earth brought forth all things necessary for man, without his labour in ploughing or sowing. Perpetual spring reigned, flower sprang up without seed, the rivers flowed with milk and wine, and yellow honey distilled from the oaks."
After that came the Silver age, where everything wasn't so good then the Brazen age (Not quite the same as the bronze age used by modern archaeology), and finally the Iron age, which is really our present age. The whole concept of this myth is that everything has become slowly worse and worse for human kind since the Golden Age. Which is at odds with modern thinking, which assumes everything has become, better and better for human kind from the time of the Stone Age.
Yet the myth of the Golden age doesn't only come from Ancient Greece. Probably the most ancient religion that survives today is Taoism in China. Again this religion talks about a Golden age in the past. As explained repetitively in the Tao-Te-Ching by Lao Tzu written at about the third century BC Although the Tao-Te-Ching is considered to be the Taoist "Bible". Taoism is far older than its author Lao Tzu. It seems that he was the archivist in the Imperial Court, and would of had access to very ancient documents that were later destroyed by Emperors who wanted to destroy all ancient knowledge. So the Tao-Te-Ching is one of the few Chinese writings of that period to survive.
The concept of the Golden Age is also in the story of the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is described in the Bible as a paradise. But when Adam and Eve sinned they were banished into the wasteland and Adam had to work "by the sweat of his brow". There is also a legend in the ancient Hindu myths of a Golden Age similar to the Greek myths. Also in the few Aztec and Maya writing that have survived again there is a myth of a very ancient Golden Age ruled by a compassionate Mother Goddess. Which is shown in contrast to the later age of warfare and human sacrifice. In fact most ancient cultures of the world have some myth of a golden age ruled by the Mother Goddess.
Modern Scholars treat all these stories of a Golden age in the past as an unrealistic myth of the past. Yet modern archaeology has confirmed certain aspects of the Greek Golden Age to be true. In Anatolia in Turkey, archaeologists have discovered the most ancient city that they have ever discovered, called Catal Huyuk. Going back 9,000 years it is far older than both the Ancient Sumerian and Egyptian Civilizations.
This Ancient city is very controversial for two reasons: It contains a large amount of Goddess imagery and archaeologists have failed to discover any city walls or any weapons of war. It seems that this city existed for thousands of years without any means to defend itself. Suggesting that this city existed in a time before war was invented! So according to the excavation of Catal Huyuk, there was a peaceful age in the past where warfare and conflict was unknown. Archaeologists have discovered other towns and settlements throughout eastern and southern Europe, also in Pakistan and China in the Neolithic age where again they couldn’t find any evidence of warfare or violence. This was written about by the archaeologists Marija Gimbutas who was condemned by other academics for revealing this to the public.
Another aspect of the Golden age myth was also true; Archaeologists have also discovered that in the Classic times of Ancient Greece the people began to fell trees in very large numbers. Causing erosion and the depletion of the soil.
So we can see there is some aspects of the Golden Age myth that has been proven as fact. It could be an age of innocence and happiness. Because as Catal-Huyuk has shown, it was an age before the invention of warfare and the manufacture of arms. It was an age before the destruction of the forests not only in Ancient Greece but also in the Middle East. Again Archaeologists have discovered the remains of ancient forests in Israel even as late as Roman times. Forests at one time covered the whole of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa where today there is only desert. I would doubt if archaeologists would discover rivers flowing with milk and wine. But it has to be remembered that Ancient Israel was known to be a land of "milk and honey" which means that in ancient times the soil was very fertile and crops could be grown without much effort. That is until the forests were decimated and the top soil was allowed to blow away. So there is evidence that the ancient Golden age did exist and there was a decline in the fortunes of human existence since the time of Catal Huyuk. But if we accept this, then what was the reason for this decline?
If we accept that there was a Golden age then why was in so much better than what come after it? The Tao-Te-Ching gives many reasons for this and why we declined from the Golden age.

Those of old who were competent
In ruling according to the Tao
Did not do it by enlightening the people
But by keeping the people unknowing.
The difficulty in leading the people
comes from their knowing too much.

In the Tao-Te-Ching it states that the Tao is the Mother or the Mysterious Female. So it is a code name for the Great Mother or feminine principle.
Now this is a similar idea to the story of the Garden of Eden. Again Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat the fruit from "the tree of knowledge". In this story when they ate the fruit they realize they were naked. This suggests they had lost their innocents. Again this is in line with what the Ancient Greeks say about the Golden age, that the people of the Golden age were innocent.
So what is the problem with knowledge? There is nothing wrong with knowledge in itself but as the old saying goes; "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing". When the people of the Golden age allowed themselves to be ruled and guided by the Mother Goddess through their instincts, then harmony was easy to achieve. Because all people were calling on the great wisdom of the Great Mother in everything they did. Yet then there comes a desire for people to work things out for themselves. So people began to learn from experience and from this experience they gained knowledge. This allowed people to begin to become independent from the Great Mother and began to take more noticed of what they had learnt from there own experience and knowledge. Unfortunately they began to live their lives from their own experience and knowledge and not the wisdom of the Great Mother. So it is then no wonder that the fortunes of humanity began to decline. As again pointed out in the Tao-Te-Ching:

When a man is to take the world over and shape it
I see that he must be obliged to do it
For the world is a divine vessel:
It cannot be shaped;
He who shapes it damages it;
He who insist upon it loses it.

The Great Mother would see this decline but wouldn't do anything to stop it because she can see the desire of her children to learn to be independent from her. From what we learn from the Ancient Greeks and the Tao-Te-Ching it seems that the decline was very slow.
At first humankind listened to the voice of the Great Mother but also learnt through experience and knowledge. Yet it seems as time went on people trusted their own experience and knowledge more than the voice of the Mother Goddess. So why did we lose this contact to the degree we know longer know of her existence? A clue is this the Prodigal Son parable: When the son leaves his loving father he is soon robbed and cheated of his money and wealth by others. So who were these robbers? It seems they were and still are our rulers and priests who robbed us of the contact, and therefore the great wisdom and abundance of the Great Mother. To quote the Tao-Te-Ching again:
When the great Tao is lost, spring forth benevolence and righteousness
When wisdom and sagacity arise, there are great hypocrites.
When family relations are no longer harmonious, we have filial children and devoted parents.
When a nation is in confusion and disorder, patriots are recognized.
When Tao is, equilibrium is. When Tao is lost, out come all the differences of things.
As people began to learn through their personal experience they began to doubt the wisdom they received from the Mother Goddess. Simply because sometimes, the wisdom of the Great Mother is beyond our understanding and we think it doesn't make logical sense. People intuitively knew that it was right that Women should be the dominant sex, but some Women went against their intuition and thought this unfair
What is not well known is that before we had priests, shaman and witch-doctors the people were guided by Holy Women. These Women would be mediums, channels or simply very intuitive people, and from these Holy Women the people would receive the wisdom of the Great Mother. At this time Women were very much the dominant sex and men’s role in life was to serve and worship Women. Then some Women decided it was unfair that men should only be their slaves and tried to grant them equality with them. Men at the time worshipped Women because the Great Mother was also a Woman so all Women were worshipped by men as representatives of the Great Mother on Earth.
So it was decided that the Great Mother would have a son. (This was a very enduring image and continued in patriarchal times in ancient Egypt with the Goddess Isis and her baby son Horus. It also continued in Christianity with the image of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus.) Then in time the son become equal to the Mother and was represented as either the lover or brother of the Great Mother. This represented the time when men and Women were truly equal. At this time the Holy Women began to train men as shaman or priests, at first men could only become priests by dressing up as women. They would wear make-up and false breasts and in some cultures they were castrated as well. (Even today Christian Priests in traditional sects wear long dresses and when a priest is fired from his job it is called ‘defrocking’.)
Holy Women where then the spokeswomen for the Great Mother, as she contacts the Great Mother while in a trance or in deep meditation. Then priests or shamen were trained to also do this job. Now, even if the shaman or priest is completely honest the temptation to use his position as the spokesperson of the Great Mother for personal gain would of been very great. And off coarse those who where not honest, abused there position of trust to further their own ends. Some of these priests became clever politicians who would basically tell the people what they wanted to hear and so gained greater popularity than the Holy Women. Through this popularity these priests gained power and wealth in their societies. Unfortunately the advice of this priesthood, as it was for their own personal gain, wouldn't be anywhere as good as the great wisdom of The Great Mother spoken through Holy Women. So when they the people came to the priesthood complaining that the advice given wasn't correct. Then the priests where forced to blame the Great Mother. Which priest do even today when they say; "The ways of God are very mysterious", when confronted by an unanswerable question.
Unfortunately the people then didn’t turn back to the Holy Women for advice because the priests, being clever politicians and conmen, still managed to discredit everything these Holy Women said. In other words, the people in those days were still very innocent, and didn’t understand the way they were being deceived. This included the Holy Women who had no answer to the lies and deceptions of the priests. So the image of the Great Mother became tarnished. She didn't seem to have the same wisdom she had in the past. So people began to pay less attention to her words as interpreted by the priesthood.

He who knows does not speak;
He who speaks does not know.
He who is truthful is not Showy;
He who is showy is not truthful.
He who is virtuous does not dispute;
He who disputes is not virtuous;
He who is learned is not wise;
he who is wise is not learned.
Therefore the Sage does not display his own merits.

The first line of this chapter in the Tao-Te-Ching states: "He who knows does not speak." We have to ask why not? A clue to this reason can be seen in later lines: "He who is virtuous does not dispute; He who disputes is not virtuous". It seems that in the time of Lao-Tzu if a person who is still in contact with the Great Mother and voices her wisdom. He or she is likely to be attacked by those who claim to voice the wisdom of the Great Mother but only do it to gain personal power. In disputes the sage would be at a disadvantage. He or she can only give the wisdom of the Great Mother but may not be able to say why the people should follow this teaching. Or if he or she knows why the people should follow the ways of the Mother Goddess they may have difficulty in explaining it, because it would be beyond the ability for the average person to understand. The male priests being good politicians would know better what the people wanted to hear and would say anything to gain popular support.
So as suggested by the Tao-Te-Ching those who only wanted power for themselves where able to influence people far more than those who still had a true contact with The Great Mother. And the contact with the Mother Goddess was slowly broken and replaced by the knowledge of the priests and patriarchal rulers. By becoming in the eyes of the general population the mouthpiece of the Mother Goddess, they began to give her a very bad name as they more and more used her as a scapegoat for their mistakes. So the people began to reject the Great Mother and other Goddesses and Gods were created out of the imagination of the priests. Many ancient civilizations began to worship a large number of deities and the priest of the different Gods and Goddesses competed with each other for power over the people.
Then priests began to realize that a God who could frighten the people gave them far more power. So Gods like Jehovah, Zeus, Thor and Rama began to appear. These were thunder Gods who will punish with a bolt of lighting anyone they were displeased with. Later spiritual teachers like Jesus and Buddha tried to counter this trend. Jesus put forward the idea of a loving Father God. While Buddha taught people how to contact the Great Mother through meditation. Yet these teachers became Gods themselves after they died, their teachings soon become distorted to suit the needs of power hungry priests.
So what has the Great Mother been doing as we collectively broken all contact off from her? It would but untrue to say the link has been totally cut off and where she could influence us for the better, she did so. To the degree that we have moved from a low in the Middle ages where people really believed that they were created by a uncaring, angry and judgmental God. To now where people don't believe in a God at all or they are starting to believe in the caring God as promoted by Jesus.
So what is the next step? What would happen to us all if we started to believe in the Great Mother who loves us all unconditionally and will gives us everything that will bring us joy and happiness? The problem that most people will have with this, is that it sounds far too good to be true. But unfortunately because of this belief the Mother Goddess cannot give us what we want.
The Great Mother has given us all the power to create the life and world we want to create. And we create our personal life and collectively create our world by the way we think and feel. So if we disbelieve such thing as a utopia where everyone is happy, then that becomes true because that is the way we think. We have all become prisoners of our past and history. When we look back in our history all we read about is wars and conflict, so we assume this way of behaving will continue, because it is "human nature". Yet as we have said there is some proof from the excavation of Catal Huyuk that there was in pre-historic times a Golden age. So why can we not do the same today?
As I have previously pointed out the Great Mother has given us free will. But she has given us more than this, she has given us god-like power to create what ever we want in our lives. Unfortunately we are still children. We have the power, but do not yet have the knowledge and experience to use this power. It is like someone giving us a high-powered sports car without telling us how to drive it. So with experimenting we might learn how to start the engine. Then we then might try and drive it. But without the knowledge and experience of driving, we are more than likely to crash the car.
Before we are allowed to drive a car we are given instructions how to learn how to drive it. The same is true with life, the Great Mother is always there to help and guide us. Unfortunately by listening to political minded priests we have lost contact with the Mother Goddess. So She is now only a "small voice" which most of us choose to ignore. It has become very difficult for Her to contact us though the distortions of religious and atheist dogma, to the degree that priests have called the small voice within us, the voice of the Devil or evil spirits. While atheist psychologists will condemn anyone who claims to hear a voice in their head, as insane.
We can only get into contact with the Great Mother by clearing away these distortions. This can only be done by affirming a few basic truths about the Mother Goddess. It was possible for the Prodigal Son to return to his loving father because he had the memory of what life was like before he went off on his own. We unfortunately do not have that memory. As far as we know in the whole of recorded history, we have always lived a life on conflict and suffering. So it requires us to listen to the small voice of the Great Mother, even though it seems to contradict everything we have been taught about our world, and know that a world of love and harmony is really possible. So we have to affirm to ourselves a few basic truths about the Great Mother.
1. The Great Mother loves us all unconditionally, because we ALL are Her children. So in no way will She judge, condemn or punish us.
2. The world of the Great Mother is a world of Love and Harmony. (The world of conflict, fear, hatred and chaos was created by us, not because we are bad or evil but because we are children and as such, "we know not what we do".)
3. The Great Mother is all powerful, because She is the One, She is everything there is. She has given us the gift of freewill and will never interfere is our lives. Therefore She will only help and guide us, if we give Her permission to do this.
4. The Great Mother will always be there for us and give us what help we need, if we allow Her. (Unfortunately if we believe in a judgmental avenging god or in no god at all, then that is the reality we have created and She cannot go against what we have chosen to believe.)
So therefore if we can go throughout our live reminding ourselves the Great Mother is all Powerful because She is the One. That She loves us all unconditionally because we are Her children. That we in truth, live in a caring world of love and harmony, because this is the world created by the Great Mother. Then the world of fear and chaos then becomes an illusion created by us.
Then it can become far easier for the Great Mother to help and guide us. It is like tuning into a radio station. The radio station we receive in our normal daily lives gives us negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves and the world we live in. This is the radio station we all have collectively created together and has created the frequency that creates our collective reality. If on the other hand we make a conscious effort to tune in to the frequency of the Great Mother, which is the frequency of unconditional love, harmony and compassion. Then we find we begin to tune into these thoughts and feelings and our lives begin to change for the better. If you find this difficult then simply keep repeat to yourself that; -
"The true reality of our life (my life) is the reality of love, compassionate and harmony."
"We (I) live in a abundant universe of love and harmony"
"I am loved, (we are loved) unconditionally by the Great Mother".
Or any other words and feelings that support this theme. We then start to create in our lives a world of love and harmony because this is the real world created by Her.
As I have stated before, the great intelligence that created our universe would not be so stupid as to create a world of suffering. Suffering only comes from us, because the Great Mother has given us freewill, and we have created suffering because we have gone our own way and no longer listen to the wisdom of the Great Mother. So if we allow ourselves to get back in tune with the Great Mother, then we also get in contact with a world of love and harmony.
One of the biggest mistake we made was to allow men equality and then later to allow men to dominate our world. The Great Mother in her wisdom made men the submissive sex and his role is to serve and worship Women. When he became the dominant sex through deception and violence, then he was playing a role he was not suited for, and this is the main reason we now live in a world of warfare, chaos, poverty and suffering. (Though to be fair there are spiritual reasons also why men were allowed to become the dominant sex. You can read about this in a book I co-authored with Pamela Suffield called, “Gospel of the Goddess”).

Part Three – Creating Our Own Reality.

Some time ago I was talking to a Woman about the concept that, “we create our own reality” and she suddenly got angry with me and said, “so what you are saying is that everything is my fault!”
This was a point of view I hadn’t considered before and I didn’t know how to respond to her. Yet I shouldn’t of been surprised because I know from experience Women do naturally take responsibility, not only for themselves, but for other people as well. In this way it is easy to make Women feel guilty. Yet this guilt and natural instinct to take responsibility, is another sign that Women are naturally the Dominant Sex. Because with responsibility comes power.
In our present patriarchal society the people who have all the power are men, but we can see that men are far less likely to take responsibility for their actions, than Women. No male leader could possibly start a war with another country, if he took responsibility for what he had done. It is male leader’s irresponsibility and willingness to put the blame for his actions onto others, that makes war, genocide and poverty possible. This shows us that men are not natural leaders because even after five thousand years of patriarchal rule, they still have a slave mentality. A slave naturally doesn’t take responsibility for his actions, because as far as he is concerned, he is totally powerless. So there is no reason for him to take responsibility for anything. Unfortunately when the slave became the master, as in the case of patriarchal rule, men still persisted in this irresponsible attitude.
This is another reason why the patriarchal society is the opposite to the natural order of things. Men who take a totally irresponsible attitude to life, have all the power, while Women who do take responsibility to the degree of feeling guilty, are totally powerless.
The complete reversal of the natural order puts Women in a difficult position. Because men do such a terrible job in ruling our world, and because Women naturally take responsibly for the world around them, many Women find themselves feeling guilty all the time. Feminists have tried to help with this, by pointing out to Women that the mess the world is in, not their fault, but the fault of men. After all it is men who are still ruling the world. So feminists have taught Women to blame men for everything that is going wrong in our world. Which on the face of it, is a very sensible thing to do. After all, it is not a good idea to take responsibility without power.
Unfortunately this is only good advice if we believe we live in a totally material world, but if we accept that we live in a world of mind, then Women’s instinct for taking responsibility for everything that happens, is the correct attitude, because with responsibility comes power. Blaming others only works while we think we live in a materialistic world, but in a world of mind, blaming others is the sure way to give your power away.

Nearly all of us have been brought up in our patriarchal society to believe we live in a material world, and so very few of us are aware of the power of the mind. Because of this, most of us feel totally powerless. This is exactly what the patriarchal establishment wants you to feel. People who feel powerless, and unconsciously create this in their reality, are very easy to dominate and rule.
There is an old saying that goes; “the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world”. Now on the face of it this statement is clearly not true, because in our patriarchal world there are very few Women who are in any position of power. Likewise when I go on message boards on the Internet and discuss my ideas on Women ruling the world, I nearly always get someone who claims that Women are ruling the world anyway. So why are people making this claim? When it goes against all the evidence that shows it is men that rule our world. How can people think this, when the vast majority of all positions of power in our world are held by men?
It is a paradox that the strongest advocators for patriarchy have been Women. The reason for this is that any responsible mother knows that it is very important to socialize their children. A mother above all else wants her children to be happy, so she knows that to teach her children to go against the social conditioning of the time will bring to them conflict, ostracism and even death. So a mother living in a society that advocated male domination, will likewise bring up her children to believe this, because she cares about their well being.
Now, this mentality only makes sense while we continue to believe we live in a totally material world. As mentioned before, if we believe in materialism then men seem to have all the power, because they are physically bigger and stronger than Women and mentally more aggressive. If we believe we live in a world of mind then socialization counts for nothing, because we all have the power to create whatever reality we like. So a Woman can create a reality where she still can be a Dominant Women while still living in a strictly patriarchal society. A few Women have done this, while others have at least question the patriarchal normality. Strong-minded Women have had to do this to start the Feminist movement back in the 19th century, and keep it going in the 20th century. While both men and Women have had to be strong enough to defy conventionality, to start the Femdom movement.
So because Women do create their own reality but are brought up to believe they are powerless in the face of masculine power, then that becomes their reality. So a Woman in this position has right to blame men for all the troubles of the world, because it is patriarchal indoctrination and brainwashing that has made Women powerless. But when a Woman become aware that she does in fact, create her own reality, and learns how to control her own mind, then blaming men is not at all helpful. Because blaming others is a way of surrendering your power to other people. The reason is that if another person can make you feel powerless or unhappy then you are saying that, “that person has power over me”. So once we recognize that we do create our own reality, then the only person we can blame for anything that goes wrong in our lives, is ourselves.
If we accept that Women are the natural dominant sex of our world. Then the fact that men are now ruling the world, means that this could of only have come about because Women allowed this to happen. Now, I know many Women will not like me saying this, but if Women are to be empowered they have to accept it. Because if we are to say, “it is all men’s fault” then it means that men will always have the power to take away power from Women. But it we accept that men only achieved power because Women gave it away, then it means that Women can always reclaim this power, when they want to do so. And there is nothing men can do about this.
Women only gave away their power because they didn’t recognize the true nature of men. We can understand what happened by comparing the nature of men with dogs. Anyone who has had a dog as a pet knows how important it is for them to be well-trained. A well-trained dog is a very loyal and faithful companion, but an untrained or badly trained dog can be nightmare and even a danger to the family or other people. This is because a dog is a carnivorous animal that in the wild, will kill other animals to eat. And there has been many cases of large untrained or badly trained dogs that have killed children and badly mauled adults. So any responsible dog owner knows the importance in keeping their dogs under control and making sure they are well trained.
The same thing is true of men, except that men are far more dangerous than dogs if allowed to get out of control. This is because men are far more intelligent than dogs, and badly trained men end up starting wars, committing genocide, and inventing and using horrendous weapons like, machine guns, land-mines, napalm bombs, flame throwers, poison gas, bacterial warfare and nuclear bombs. This is what patriarchy has done to men. To teach men how to dominant Women through violence and verbal abuse, (to undermine Women’s confidence), as well as to fight in wars. So men have been badly trained by patriarchy in much the same as fighting dogs who are brutalized so they will fight other dogs, for the purpose of ‘entertainment’.
A person who has had a very well trained dog can be forgiven to think that dogs are all perfectly safe and trustworthy. It is only when confronted with a badly trained and brutalized fighting dog, like a pit-bull terrier, that you learn that dogs can be very dangerous animals.
So in the last Matriarchal age when men were likewise properly trained, most Women would also assume that men are completely harmless. Because the only experience they had with men, were men who were totally loyal and obedient, who devoted their lives serving their mistresses. They therefore would have no way of knowing that men can be trained to become brutal monsters.
Many Women, at this time, thought it unfair that men should only be Women’s slaves and decided to give them equality, and at first this seem to work. Men are not naturally brutes and have to be trained to become like this. In this situation many men rose to become very important and respected member of their communities. But other men found equality very difficult and didn’t know how to behave without the control and guidance from their mistresses. These men started to behave in very anti-social ways but instead of getting them properly trained again, the Women left it to men with important positions in their society, to deal with them. These alpha males had a typically masculine solution and that was to banish them from their communities, to live in wilderness, where they became robbers and bandits.
Meanwhile men also become shamans and priests and learnt from the holy women the power of the mind, but the new priests began to misuse these powers to gain power over other people.
In time there were more and more men who couldn’t handle equality and badly needed someone to tell them what to do and how to behave. So because most Women were not doing this, alpha males who now had important positions of power in society, took over the role of dominating them.
At the same time, even more men who also couldn’t handle equality with Women began to leave their communities and join the growing bands of robbers on the out skirts of society. These bands grew in size and became a real menace to settled communities. They also needed the company of women and began to kidnap and rape women for there own pleasure, and treat them as sex-slaves. Women were outraged by this behaviour but unfortunately looked to the alpha men in their own communities for a solution. These alpha men formed their own bands and went to find these bandits and rescue these women. At first they were successful, but it started a cycle of violence that got out of control. In some places these bandits became stronger and in time were able to defeat the men who tried to protect the communities. This made them even stronger as many men decided that living a life as a robber, was easier and more exciting than working for a living and so left the communities and joined the bandit gangs Until bandit groups become so strong they could impose a protection racket on whole communities. Where the community had to pay them to leave them alone. This became the first taxation.
In other places the alpha men managed to subdue bandits around their communities but in the process they became as violent and brutal as the bandits themselves. Slowly it was men of violence who began to rule communities while the priests began to take over the religious life of the people and introduce male gods.
Women had never encountered problems like this before and didn’t know what to do. They also made the mistake of assuming that male priests and alpha males would know how to deal with these violent men, being men themselves, not knowing that these men only gave advice and solutions that personally benefited them. There were still Holy Women that still listened to the wisdom of the Great Mother, but they didn’t know how to prevent the priests from deceiving the people. The Holy Women could only tell the people the truth, but the priests were not constrained by this and told the people what they wanted to hear, to gain popular support.
Some women in desperation tried to fight back and became Amazons, and although they were successful for awhile, a life of violence doesn’t suit Women and in the end they also declined.
So all this started the patriarchal age. Today everything is different. Because of five thousand years of patriarchy, many Women have lost their innocence and are now aware that men are capable of deception. With the decline in power of the Christian Church Women are now questioning patriarchal propaganda that is designed to keep them powerless. As previously mention, although I am not an atheist I have to recognise that atheism is still a more positive belief, than a belief in a judgmental and punitive male god. And it is atheist science that broke the power of the Christian Church had over the people, giving Women greater freedom.
Today most Women in the Western World at least accepts that it is right that Women should be equal to men. The problem is that equality is a totally foreign concept to the male mind. In five thousand years of patriarchy, men have totally failed to create an equal society, even when they deliberately tried to do this, like with the French Revolution and Communism. So men today are having as many problems with equality with Women as they did at the end of the last Matriarchal age. They either want to go back to the ‘good old days’ when they were the dominant sex and could abuse Women with impunity. Or move forward and make Women the dominant sex once again.
The biggest barrier to a new Matriarchal world is mental. Women have been brainwashed for so long by patriarchy that men are the ‘natural’ dominant sex that they find it hard to image a world where the opposite is true. Feminism has moved things forward by convincing Western Women that equally with men in now possible, but men have real problems with Feminism and equality. This is why you find very few men interested in Feminism, but in the Femdom movement men greatly outnumber Women.
If Women accept that it is natural for them to be the dominant sex, then men will better understand this. As I have previously pointed out, the military has shown just how obedient men can be, to the degree of dying if ordered to do so. Patriarchy has also for thousands of years worked hard at undermining Women’s confidence in themselves and brainwashing men into believing they are the dominant sex. Unfortunately most people are unaware, that even today, a lot of what they are taught at school, or see in the media, is patriarchal propaganda.
It means that a Female dominated world is not as difficult to achieve as what most people are led to believe, if Women can accept they are the natural dominant sex, and accept we live in a world of mind.

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